Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Our TRADITIONAL CAMERA TRIPOD TREE is ready for that ancient alien astronaut SANTA CLAUS to deliver all sorts of GIZMOS via his UFO powered by magick reindeer taking off from his secret polar base later tomorrow night. Thanx Santa... peace on earth and ROCK ON.

xmas 1965 - me & my dad & my two younger brothers with santa

xmas 2006 - my charlie brown tree with guitar ornament
(with tippi cat pounce treat can for base)

charlie brown & snoopy, rudolf the red-nosed reindeer, frosty the snowman, the little drummer boy, scrooge, the grinch, and all santa's elves are my favorite x-mas characters.

Scored some more electro synthy gizmos for x-mas this year...

(All I Want Is) A Synthesizer For Christmas
Music by Hyperbubble & Video by Ambar Navarro.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

HALLOWEEN ANNIVERSARY FLASHBACK 1989-2013 - OBE - Groatclusters Flexi-Disc 24th & Call Now LP 23rd


Out of Band Experience (OBE) GROATCLUSTER FLEX-DISC was released HALLOWEEN 1989 and then the full length album, OBE - CALL NOW! was released HALLOWEEN 1990.

OBE-TV - Signs on at midnight when the moon is full.
Original OBE LP simulated OUT BAND includes:

Bill T Miller - Microdeck Sampling, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Stick, Percussion, Voices & Engineering/Production

Andy Deckard - Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Voices
Jeff Cohen - Stick, Bass, Keyboards, Voices
John Breglia - Keyboards, Bass, Stick, Voices
Paul Boblett - Fretted/Frettless Bass, Voices

Special OBE guest appearances:
Rich Gilbert - Guiitar on Groatclusters
Roger Miller - Guitar on Transition to Kaos

note: 1-800-OUT BAND phone number is not under BTM control any longer, it has been taken over by the alien nymphos.


Friday, August 23, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

ORGY OF NOISE at @ The Odditorium in ASHEVILLE on AUGUST 21, 2013.

@ The Odditorium in ASHEVILLE on AUGUST 21, 2013
with Human Energy Field, Mr Out, Chad Roulette
Video by Ryan Watson.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Burnkit2600 at ArtBeat July 20th 1pm in Somerville - Boston with guest Bill T Miller (on circuit bent robot & guitar) for Finale.

Burnkit2600 is Thom Uliasz & Justin Emerson & Brett Marshall Lefferts. Hailing from Danbury, Connecticut, the trio creates a unique sonic architecture by combining circuit-bending and other instrument modifying techniques with more traditional electronic music elements.

Burnkit2600 has carved a niche for itself in the circuit-bending and 8-bit music underground by combining the worlds of noise music and freeform electronic jams with electro-pop sensibilities.

more nfo: Burnkit2600.com

The Elm Street stage is right in Davis Square Somerville. OK, technically the show is not FREE, but a SUGGESTED $3 donation. Get there early.

In addition to Burnkit2600 performance with guest Bill T Miller and Burnkit2600 Workshop on Saturday afternoon, Kevin Micka's ANIMAL HOSPITAL, Either/Orchestra will be performing at ArtBeat on Friday evening and Muck and the Mires later on Saturday afternoon.

more nfo & schedule for ArtBeat 2013

Bill T Miller of Orgy Of Noise will be joining in a guest for the finale jam on circuit bent robot & a circuit bent toy guitar that was modded by Burnkit 2600 member Thom Uliasz for Bill a back in 2003. (pictured above) Thom joined BTM's Orgy Of Noise for finale jam at Bent 2004 festival in NYC. Now a decade later the Burnkit guest brings the circle to a complete loop.
more nfo at: OrgyOfNoise.com

Friday, June 14, 2013

Peter Edwards = Casper Electronics & Bill T Miller = Orgy Of Noise appearing LIVE IN CONCERT on JUNE 19, 2013 at AVIARY GALLERY in JP / Boston & on WZBC RADIO on June 17th.

"PETER EDWARDS is an American artist, musician, and teacher. He has been exploring the field of circuit bending and experimental musical electronics since 2000 through his business Casperelectronics. He performs regularly under the same name..." casperelectronics.com
Although Pete is based out of NY, he currently lives in Amsterdam and rarely makes it to Boston. Get it while ya can.

BILL T MILLER of Orgy Of Noise has been on a quest for unusual sounds and thrills since he was a kid in the 60s and still tries to capture that childlike spirit playing all sorts of circuit bent toys and assorted custom gadgets. BTM has been morphing multimedia realms as recording engineer - producer - photographer - filmmaker, but improv noise musician is when he is having the most fun. This show at Aviary Gallery is the first full on BTM Orgy Of Noise show in four years after a self-imposed exile hibernation from live shows. Constantly recording and shooting videos and doing a few guest bits (including a short workshop/performance in May 2013 of the BTM Acoustic Laptop Artbox) and of course going out to support other local artists (shooting photos & vids etc) ... but the full tilt LIVE Orgy Of Noise trip has not been seen for quite a while (Multimedia Circus May 2009.) Don't miss this return from hibernation to a mega Orgy Of Noise happening. Every BTM / OON show is a bit different with various configurations of oddball gear and different people joining in. Be there or be square.  more: http://OrgyOfNoise.com

JUNE 19, 2013
show start as 9pm
Aviary Gallery
48 South Street
Jamaica Plain, MA

appearing with Here Ye, Here Ye
presented by
Sound Electronics and Aviary Gallery

June 17, 2013 - Peter Edwards / Casper Electonic & Bill T Miller / Orgy Of Noise playing live solo sets & a duo blast on Return of the HIGH VOLTAGE CIRCUMCISION SHOW (NCP) 90.3FM WZBC Newton, MA hosted DJ Deftly-D & DJ Joshua Barnes.http://wzbc.org/

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Hidden Sounds RadioShow fearturing ORGY OF NOISE - Circuit Bent - Sound Art Internet Radio

Click to LISTEN to
The Hidden Sounds RadioShow

JUNE 6, 2013 at 2PM East Coast Time
(adjust for your local time zone)

JUNE 2, 2013 at 11AM East Coast Time

- Hiddensounds Radioshow focuses on CIRCUIT BENDING in the medium of Sound Art. I am excited to have my Bill T Miller = OrgyOfNoise featured as part of The Hidden Sounds Episode 3 originating from IRELAND. The recurring streaming internet radio show is hosted Rodger Boyle who also uses circuit bent instruments in his music. You can listen to it LIVE on THURSDAYS and/or hear the show via archives.

- BIG THANX for supporting experimental music. If you are an artist who uses circuit bent instruments, get in touch with RODGER to be featured on future shows.

Click to LISTEN to
The Hidden Sounds RadioShow

check out...

check out...

Monday, May 20, 2013

Electronics Projects Night Showcase @ Lily Pad Cambridge/Boston on May 25, 2013 with Bill T Miller Talk/Performance on Acoustic Laptop

(click images to see larger version)

ELECTRONICS PROJECTS NIGHT SHOWCASE - I will be breaking out my BTM ACOUSTIC ARTBOX LAPTOP and doing a short TALK & PERFORMANCE. I am slotted for 10 MINUTES TOTAL, 5 MINUTES for TALK. (approx ONE min intro & TWO min details of making of acoustic laptop & TWO min on contact microphones - etc) and then 5 MINUTES for PERFORMANCE. This will be first LIVE CONCERT appearance of my BTM ACOUSTIC ARTBOX LAPTOP and the first live in-person show I have played in four years (except for assorted studio and remote outdoor location performances for recording/videos.) The short but sweet time slot will only be a taste of a "lecture" and performance. The exact schedule on the evening has not been revealed to me, but i do know I will be on very early (possibly even as early as second in the line-up.) - The plan is to start as close to 7pm as possible, so in theory, I could be on as early as 7:10 or 7:15pm. So if driving allow time for parking in Inman Square.

* Over the last few decades most of my own music (with Orgy Of Noise, Zonkulator, OBE, Kings Of Feedback, Drum Army, King Of Slack) has been weird experimental noise... I have always played a variety of instruments from (the normal) guitar/bass/drums/synths to electric tennis racquet to circuit bent toys. My short performance will still be a heap of weird experimental noise, but will feature the slightly more ambient abstract acoustic side of my experiments.

* I shot performance and "making of" videos of my BTM ACOUSTIC ARTBOX LAPTOP in my studio in summer 2012 and am editing them now, so stay tuned.

* Without knowing it, like most kids, my younger brothers and myself were sorta playing/making homemade instruments in the 60s. (see - RacquetBand.com) Along with every other kid, I became a Beatles fan in 1964, eventually in 1966 (when I was ten) I set up a plastic trash can drum kit and an kind air guitar karaoke TENNIS RACKET GTR (sorta vintage version of Rock Band / Guitar Hero games.) Much later I added contact mic and springs and plugged in my racket. Somewhere back in there I made a cardboard cigar box guitar with several thick rubber bands as strings. Before that I had stumbled into electronic noise, while dialing static & squelch on the Mickey Mouse AM Radio that I got for my birthday (May '65.) I would plug-in the mono earplug and rock to WABC RADIO NYC. The cover of radio come off for easy replacement of battery and when I first touched the coil inside the radio and I noticed it would glitch out and creating weird sounds (sorta of theremin-like.) After playing the static, it just seem logical/natural that circuits would melt and spazz out when touched. So that was my first modified mutant synth experience. Electronics tinkering which had been going on eons - Telsa, Edison, Marconi, Moog, Ben Franklin, the list is endless. Since then that tinkering process when applied to the modification of existing devices/toys has been dubbed CIRCUIT BENDING (a phrase coined by Reed Ghazala.) I collect and use tons of circuit bent toys/gizmos in my own music. You can see some of my collection at: CircuitBending.com


Lily Pad in Inman Square, Cambridge/Boston
An evening of presentations and performances
by people using self-made electronics.

- 1353 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02139

http://www.lily-pad.net - $5 suggested donation * Jason Sanford (Neptune) & Andy Abrahamson (Royal Wedding, formerly of In-Out) - original electronic performance

* Jonathan F. Glancy (And Friend) - Original musical performance

* Vanessa LeFevre - Presentation / performance

* Michael Kaminsky and Andrew Kindman - Original electronic performance

* Bill T Miller (Orgy Of Noise & Zonkulator) - Creative Mic Technique, "Lecture" and performance

* Zachary Katz - Remote performance

* Unconfirmed Surprise Performers as well!

* Facebook Invite -----> https://facebook.com/events/359788440799525/

* Think of this as a sort of "Maker Fair" Workshop Show & Tell with LIVE PERFORMANCES. Hope you can make it out!

* JASON SANFORD & ZACHARY KATZ who teach an electronic instrument projects class at Cambridge Center for Adult Education are the hosts of the event. They will each perform/talk and many of their students will be presenting/performing with their own homemade custom built instruments. Most of you will know JASON from the band NEPTUNE. I first heard of NEPTUNE, when one of my bands (Orgy Of Noise with guest appearance by members of Melt-Banana) & another band I engineered/co-produced (Saturnalia) appeared on the Boston Underbelly Compilation. Neptune performed at that CD release show in Cambridge/Boston and I became fan/supporter of Neptune and have shot many photos/videos since then.

* see/hear NEPTUNE pix/vids: http://billtmiller.com/neptune/

+ Summer Solstice June 21, 2012 Jason Sanford and myself (Bill T Miller) did a super short live duo improv session at my Headroom Kitchen Studios and have plans to do another session (or live concert blast) somewhere on or near the Summer Solstice 2013. I released a digi online audio single of our jams and two videos. I will have a few copies of the JASON & BILL DVD at the show and a pile of my Orgy Of Noise CDs/DVDs and I will gladly give you one for FREE/.

* see/hear JASON & BILL pix/vids: http://billtmiller.com/jasonbill/

* NOTE: Jason and myself will NOT be playing together as a DUO at this Electronic Projects Showcase.... unless of course there is some sort of unplanned freak out bonus jam session with everybody at the end. Doubt there will be time, but IF there, I will try to make it happen. I will bring my favorite Circuit Bent Tron Toy Robot, just in case.

* I was glad Jason invited me to be part of the ELECTRONIC PROJECTS NIGHT SHOWCASE... it seemed like a simple way to get out and play a show without the overload of my Orgy Of Noise superduper big band freak out concerts. Any chance I can hear JASON play solo or with Neptune is a must see... plus I was also excited to see/hear the creations of his students and experience their joy and enthusiasm as they perform on their first instruments. Most of my adult life has been trying to recapture and keep alive my spirit as young child before the reality of the music biz and everybody is in a band or a recording engineer or a photographer - "look at me me me... i don't have the time to look at you" sorta vibe of today's internet barrage stream of art.

I plan to be at the showcase in an aura of childlike blitz. Hope you can be there.

PS: Facebook Invite: https://facebook.com/events/359788440799525/

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kings Of Feedback Live at The Rat in Boston - May 11, 1994.

on this day in history
May 11, 1994
KOF played their debut show.

see hear download more at:

* Bill T Miller - Bass, Guitar, Vocals (& Samples)
* Vernon Tart - Vocals, Guitar
* Sean O'Brien - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
* Jeff Cohen - Sampler, Guitar, Vocals
* Peter Schwartz - Drums
* Bob Palombo - Contra Bass

* Carolyn Corella
* Ciampi Biddle Travis
* Tim May

+ Video edited by BTM & Ziggy @ Headroom Boston

+ Special THANX to KOF stage manager Jon D'Uva
+ Thanx to other bands on the show...
Electric Hellfire Club, High Defience, toxic narcotic and the crew at The Rathskeller in Kenmore Square Boston.


* http://KingsOfFeedback.com

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Flashback Four Years Ago Today - Orgy Of Noise at Multimedia Circus - May 8, 2009 @ The Armory, Somerville, MA

BILL T MILLER (OBE & Kings Of Feedback) - bent toys & racquet
CATHY CAPOZZI (Axemunkee) - guitar
TAMORA GOODING (Axemunkee) - percussion
JONATHAN LAMASTER (Cul de Sac) - violin
KRIS THOMPSON (The Lothars) - theremin

with THE HUMAN FLOOR (sideshow performer on 2nd set)

Voidstar Productions AND OrgyOfNoise.com/circus

remember you can click on images to see LARGER version


click here to see larger version of video

more info & vids & mp3s...


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Flashback to AXEMUNKEE with Guest Bill T Miller on Racquet Guitar on April 25, 2009 at Magic Room

On April 25th, 2009, after CyberArts Fest appearance Orgy Of Noise in the afternoon, I made a guest appearance with AXEMUNKEE at MAGIC ROOM at Sound Museum in BRIGHTON, MA on my ELECTRO RACQUET GUITAR for ONE SONG ONLY (BlasFamous - the song I remixed.) We ended up playing the song during the set and then I replayed it for the encore.

More info: axemunkee.com AND btmremix.com/axemunkee

BTM - Orgy Of Noise at CyberArts - Flashback to FOUR YEARS AGO on April 25, 2009

(click on poster to see larger)

Willoughby & Baltic presents THE MAKER REVOLUTION
April 25-26, 2009 @ Microsoft Startup Labs in Cambridge/Boston

Bill T Miller's Orgy of Noise performing @ Cyberarts. With special guests for the finale... Jimmie Rodgers and Derek Hoffend. The VIDEO (above) was shot by Ben Parsons. 
SEE tons more photos by Sheri Hausey...

Sunday, April 07, 2013

INC 2013 Boston

Had a blast witnessing the INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONFERENCE 2013 in Boston April 6th. Great to see everybody. THANX for the thrills. I purposely didn't bring a real camera so I could just listen, but couldn't resist snapping a few iPhone photos.

Vic Rawlings / Arkm Foam

id m theft able

Crank Sturgeon

* AND.... Morgan Evans Weiler & Haygun & LSDV & Cave Bears & Mountainshark & Marc Bisson & Collins / Lizcano / Rosenstein & Radioactive Prostitute & Arevhat & Truck Stanley's Nite Dreams & Christopher Strunk & Vehement Caress & Corpuscle & gdg & id m theft able & Preggy Peggy and The Lazy Babymakers & Los Condenados & RAT BASTARD (of Laundry Room Squelchers)

Flashing back to INC 2008 when I did a six minute ORGY OF NOISE set...


see pix from INC 2008