Sunday, September 27, 2009

Magick 8-Ball sez... All Signs Point to YES... Thank You !

UPDATE: Original post was on Sunday September 27th... it is now Tuesday September 29th and my surfing of the luck plane has tilted (slightly) as I am now once again (along with 76,575 lucky people) a Mega Millions Lotto Winner! Yessirreeee, I matched three numbers for a whopping SEVEN BUX. YES.

First think of what you want to do
then do what you have to do.

Voidstar Productions presents ORDNANCE @ The Armory in Somerville (Boston) on 9.27.09

* SEE YOU THERE * early show = 5pm-9:30pm * MORE INFO HERE !

Since there were a few pro photogs around, I only I snapped TWO PHOTOS (see one above) of the projection screens.

If you look carefully in (the above snap by Erik Jacobs) you can see me front and center for max stereo effect perspective.

DEFTLY-D entitled THIS PHOTO (by Erik Jacobs)....
"now give me your best horde of zombies ready to eat my braaaaaains look!"

SEE MORE PHOTOS by Erik Jacobs at Boston Globe Online.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Final audio sweetening mix tweekage (via Pro Tools) for the Orgy Of Noise Trick & Treats DVD due out on October 30, 2009. MMM...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Autumnal Equinox * Happy Halloween Kids !

Fall is here.... foliage, tricks, treats and more. My local supermarket has been selling aisles of Halloween since late August. Seems like they should at least wait until fall. Before we know it November 1st will kick off the X-Mas season. Since I tend to release records, cds, dvds, etc on October 31, Halloween is always special around Headroom. Starting twenty years ago with the OBE Groatclusters Flex-Disc back on Halloween 1989.

October 30 will see the release of the Orgy Of Noise "Tricks & Treats" DVD and then October 31st will kick off a year long Out of Band Experience (OBE) 20th Anniversary celebration with lost outtakes, photos, and a MAKING OF the CLASSIC OBE CALL NOW ALBUM on DVD that will out on October 31, 2010.

Tricks & Treats DVD by Orgy Of Noise !!!!!!!

Due Out on October 30, 2009.
SHOW (TTs) & STUDIO (Headroom) & PHOTOS

Sunday, September 20, 2009

ORGY OF NOISE - PLAGUE - complete album download - 320 kbps mp3s, flac, aac, ogg vorbis, apple lossless and ARTWORK

listen... download... burn... share...

<a href="">Orgy Of Noise - Noise is Muzick by BILL T MILLER</a>

& flac, aac, ogg vorbis, apple lossless...


BURN THIS CD. Artwork available.

* ALL FIFTEEN BTM ALBUMS are still available as 128kbps MP3s at, but I am slowly upgrading to 320K MP3s.

U2 360º Tour Boston 9.20.09 & U2 Horizon Tour 2008 & U2 War Tour 1983

THIS SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY... U2 Super Duper 360º Rock Show at the Mega Football Stadium in Boston. No monster trucks or Patriots football team cheering, but my guess is the crowd won't be much different. Since I don't do sports and generally miss mega huge rock shows, the only time I ever went to Foxboro was to see THE WHO back in July '89. Had excellent floor seats. Of course The Who concerts I saw in CA in 1976 were even more fun.

Killer seats for this U2 show (see red circle)... I MIGHT even bring a camera. Saw the last U2 No Line on the Horizon tour at The Garden in Boston and kept thinking.... how many follow spotlights does Bono need to prove his rock stardom-ness? I lost count at sixteen and thought it must cost a fortune in gear, truck, hotels, paychecks etc to keep just the spotlight crew on the road. It appears they outdid that with their 360º spaceship staging. Truth his I would just assume see them with a simple rig of a couple of amps, pedals and very basic drum and lighting rig with ENO and DANIEL LANOIS in the band or at least opening the show. Or just an evening with U2... they did that small stage show at a small theater in Boston area last year for the who's who and the lucky few and I missed that one. Oh well.

Closest I will ever get to a simpler U2 show is when I saw them in North Carolina on the opening date of their WAR TOUR (with Todd Rundgren.) Check out photos,interviews and info by Deacon Light of that April 23, 1983 show. Look for Bono with white flag up in the lighting rig tower.

After going to so many underground indie type shows, it is always fun to go to one of these bloated rock star shows and see bands I saw in the 60s-70s-80s still banging away. See you there.

PS: NO MIT FLEA for ME today. Prob catch OCTOBER FLEA. Might go a hundred yards down the street to check out Allston Street Fair this Sunday afternoon.... but who knows. It's really hard to complain about too much non-stop entertainment happenings around town.... except that I can't consume it all.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Flashback 2005-2006....... Boston Phoenix Club Shots by Bill T Miller

- Amanda Palmer - Miss Pussycat - Dana Colley
- Vampire Belt - Elisa Ambrigio
- Matmos - Wolf Eyes - Mr. Butch

* Boston Phoenix Club Shots by Bill T Miller *

click to see images to see larger versions


Monday, September 14, 2009



THIS is the Best Video (That Should Have Won A Moonman) at the VMAs on MTV ! YO !

THIS critiquely acclaimed fan favorite video has won countless other video awards and was robbed at this year's Video Music Awards 2009. One of the best videos of all time! Out of this world visuals, toe tappin' beats, angelic melodies, this video has it all.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pile of Gig Rig Toys....

(click image to see larger version)

Bill T Miller's Orgy Of Noise Rig
- 10.30.08 TTs Gig and October '08 Headroom Sessions

* BTM Spring-O-Caster Tennis Racquet
--- Gold Contact Mic & ART Tube Pre-amp
* Guttar Toy Guitar Bent by Thom Uliasz
* WarpSpeak Megaphone - Bent by Waterhed
* Albino Beatbox - Bent by Evil Instruments
* DJ Scratch Toy - Bent by J Smiley & Thom Uliasz
* Stylophone - Stock Re-Issue
* Kaoss Mini-Pad
* Panasonic Micro-Cassette Deck
* Toy Piano Guts with Springs

-- below are not pictured --
* Tron Robot - Bent by Evil Instruments
* Assorted Percussion Junk
* Crank Sturgeon Plug Ugly Contact Mic
* Realistic 4-Channel Battery Mixer
* Peavey Self-Powered 15-inch Cabinet

- -

The Beatles White Album on White Vinyl German Pressing...

In the post 09.09.09 Beatles frenzy, it is clear I will NOT be BUYING anything anytime SOON, so i am appreciating what I have. Re-watched Hard Days Night and Help earlier this summer and been listening to some outtake boot rarities via mp3 and those amazing Sgt. Pepper 4-track multi-tracks. Glad to see that BEATLEMANIA is alive and well.

Friday, September 11, 2009

TONIGHT @ The Butcher Shoppe Basement in Allston Noise City....

----------> SEE YOU THERE !

- Hrvatski (Keith Fullerton Whitman)
- Karlheinz
- Mavis Concave (Realicide)
- Sharpwaist
- Typical White Male
- Astral Wolfer & Max Lord
+ DJ Travis England

@ The Butcher Shoppe in Allston 9/11/09

PS: NOT gonna to take my camera, so the above shot from a Nov 07 Butcher Shoppe basement show is it from me. If you dig around BTM PHOTOS you can find tons of shots of at least five of the people playing tonight.


(L-R) Pete Cassin (Dev/Null) - Bill T Miller - Max Lord
Cell phone camera snapped by Ellen Godena (after Max's set.)

BTM glowing in the fluorescent nicotine poisoned haze of the Butcher Shoppe basement... snapped by the Max Lord via cell phone camera.

All Hail Mr. Butch - Born on September 11th...

MR. BUTCH in Allston Rock City - April 2004

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Scored Transformers Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet and some Ice Cream for ME and some Chicken Breast for Tippi Cat....

Just scored this super fun FREE Transformers Voice Change Helmet... Thanx to a cool nintendo chiptune loving nerd dude on Craigslist.

I got back from the percussion concert and received the phone call to meet up in front of local supermarket to get the free helmet. Of course this was just the excuse I needed to score ME some Caramel Cone Ice Cream and Tippi Cat her favorite Stouffer's Baked Chicken Breast. Triple score. Mmmmmmm.

Cheezy Stevie's Pizza, Back to School Berklee at Daddy's Junky Music and Tekeyé Concert at New England Conservatory on 09.09.09

Took the Green Line T Train out to Boston to go to Tekeyé percussion concert and had to grab a nice and cheeeezzy greeeezzzy SLICE at Little Stevie's Pizza on the way for old times sake. PIZZZZZA ! Some of you OBE fans may even remember our pizza delivery tune ZA from Open Your Ears CD (1994).

Then took a peak in the window of Daddy's Junky Music where I worked in the Pro Audio Department selling recording and PA gear back in the early/mid 80s when I first landed in Boston twenty five years ago. Perfect day job for meeting local musicians for my real "career" as a freelance live sound mixer and recording engineer/producer.

Then I continued down Mass Ave over to Huntington Ave to Brown Hall at the New England Conservatory to see Tekeyé. They are a percussion ensemble founded in Bogota, Colombia (almost a decade ago) by Tupac Mantilla who is a graduate of NEC.

Tekeyé conjured up top notch beats and fun vibes, morphing Airto (eye ear toe), Charlie Chaplin, Harlem Globe Trotters, Sesame Street, Mickey Hart's Planet Drum and a healthy dose of Stomp into a show all their own. They specialize in found objects and body percussion. Great flow to the set and superb audience interaction.

My recording engineer/musician pal Dave Sullivan (who has partnered with legendary jazz drum BOB MOSES to form production company Native Pulse) had recorded Tekeyé the night before and recommended that I go to the show. Bob Moses who also teaches at NEC did the session the night before, but had flown out of the country to gig. It was great to see Dave and chat for a moment. Spoke with Rafa García who is one of the members of Tekeyé and recording engineer and gave him my DRUM ARMY CD from early 90s and wished him well and let him know I snapped a few photos of them.

Make sure to poke around YouTube to see some videos of Tekeyé.

It is up to YOU to help DRUM ARMY VIDEO go VIRAL across the WORLD.

Drum Army Video Trilogy is now live on FOUR sites on the net. YouTube and Vimeo and in the early AM hours of 09.09.09, I even uploaded it to Facebook since a lot of my "friends" there are drummers and some of them even play on the tracks so I could tag them. AND even uploaded the vid to MySpaced.

I need YOU to help this VID go VIRAL across the net by YOUR LINKING, TWEETING, EMBEDING, YELLING, BURNING, COMMENTING and general SHARING. It is up to YOU. The complete WANTS YOU album is available for download with artwork at:

DRUM ARMY - WANTS YOU ! - percussion world rock beat trip-out music from BTMTV on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

09.09.09 - Number 9... Number 9... Number NINE... The Watusi, the twist...

I wonder if the ancient prophets saw The Beatles Rock Band Game and Remasters Box in their predictions for the fabled date: 09.09.09

Take this, brother, may it serve you well...

The Beatles 45 "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and The Beatles "'65" LP were the very first records I scored back in X-Mas 1964 when I was eight years old (which became the soundtrack for my RACQUET BAND)... so of course the Fab Four are etched deep into my soul and you know I want all the instrument controllers and the vinyl and all the rest. BUT until the lotto luck comes my way, it's no dice.

Have you ever actually READ the layers of lyrics for Revolution 9 ?

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tuesday Thrills... Hard Drive Back-Up and Cathodic Jam Out & R-N-R Social @ The Model

Tuesday AM... decided to go for a full mirror back-up of my current main 750 GB firewire hard drive. I have been doing tons of edits on the Orgy Of Noise Tricks and Treats DVD in Final Cut Pro and just couldn't rest with only one copy on one drive, so now there's a safety. Slept the morning away with a nerdy peace of mind, knowing that the MIRROR DRIVE was updated.

On a whim I went to the Rock-N-Roll Social @ The Model for the first time ever, mainly cause I noticed that Monte McGuire, Joel Simches and Geoff Chase had all facebooked that they would be there. Arrived a bit after 10pm (somehow thinking the thing went 'til midnight) and they had ALL left the building. BUT I did get to hang a bit with JustBill, Tracey Stark & had a decent chat with James Willetts & later with Joe Kowalski, so it all rocked at The Model in the end.

* Cut back to my MegaMillions LOTTO TICKET... the numbers were JUST posted and I matched ONE, for a big fat zero pay out... instead of my 11 MILLION PAYDAY DREAM. It's a fool's dream, but sooner or later some fool will win and it should be me.

* OK, enough blogging, gotta get back to the endless editing and tweakage for the new OON DVD..... I wonder, did you ever even SEE/HEAR the ORIGINAL OON DVD?

Some Hot Dates in a Cool September............. SEE YA THERE !!! ?

* September 10th
- Axemunkee
- The Invisible Rays
- The Weistronauts

@ TTs in Cambridge, MA
* September 11th
- Hrvatski (Keith Fullerton Whitman)
- Karlheinz
- Mavis Concave (Realicide)
- Sharpwaist
- Typical White Male
- Astral Wolfer & Max Lord
+ DJ Travis England

@ The Butcher Shoppe in Allston
* September 20th
- U2 360 Tour

@ Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA
* September 25-26th

@ MEME Gallery in E. Cambridge, MA.
* September 26

@ Zeiterion Performing Arts Center in New Bedford, MA
* September 27th
-Mono No Aware
-So So Gutter

@ The Armory in Somerville, MA
5.30-9.30 pm early show
Presented by Voidstar Productions

Ordnance is a new multimedia dance night incorporating skilled uncompromising DJs, drummers, video artists, and more. On September 27th, a taste of Ordnance will be given throughout the show with DJ Deftly-D (WZBC, Dark Intentions, Voidstar Productions, Nau-Zee-auN, etc.), video artist Jared Falcon (November 14, Anime Boston, video artist for Nau-Zee-auN and Scrap.edx, etc.), and tentatively drummers Mike D'Errico (Mike D and the 3:2 percusion ensemble, Attic Bat Conspiracy) and Roland Adams (Battery Cage, Nau-Zee-auN, Grenadier, etc.)

Monday, September 07, 2009

Visit to The Vintage Mac Museum

Yesterday I trekked out to Malden, MA to visit local Mac Guru ADAM ROSEN of Oakbog Consulting and his Vintage Mac Museum. Also got to hang with his two iCats, Oreo and Fudge The VMM is located in on the second floor of Adam's vintage 1920s house and is available to the public by appointment only. He has assembled a subjective collection that spans the history of Macintosh. Think vintage.

SEE Vintage Mac Museum PHOTOS
that I snapped FPAC Gallery installation for MacWorld 2004.

visit official site

and on a semi-related note... I was just thinking how much ROZ ROX.

+ UPDATE: As I was leaving the Vintage Mac Museum, Adam gave me an empty shell for a Macintosh Plus to use in one of my assorted arty projects... so after poking around in my toys, this seemed like the best option for a grin. He also gave me a floppy disc with a copy of TALKING MOOSE program for my working Macintosh Classic computer (running System 6 software) that I haven't run yet.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Toast Test BURN for Tricks and Treats DVD by Orgy Of Noise Due Out on October 30, 2008


Glimpse of the first toast test disc for the upcoming ORGY OF NOISE Tricks & Treats DVD. Experience 90 minutes of non-stop thrills. The actual SHOW was less than a half hour, but I am including footage from three different STUDIO jams (including BTM, DEFTLY-D, KAREN and AJDA in various combos) and a deluxe PHOTO slide show. Still lots more to do.... final mastering sweetening of the AUDIO, create deluxe graphics for real DVD menu in DVD Studio Pro and artwork for DVD cover, and then, create separate photo print book and somewhere in there edit up some TRAILERS (thirty second teaser and a two minute preview.)

All systems go for OCTOBER 30, 2009 DVD release and first screening at Headroom. This debut screening is a semi-private invitation-only mostly for band, crew and people who were in the audience. Also planning very short jiffy LIVE no-frills solo BTM TOY and RACQUET GTR JAM-OUTS after each screening. Other OON band members MIGHT join in. There will preview broadcasts on my webcast channel, BTM TELEVISION in October. Stay tuned for the TRAILER.


The fun will start at 7pm with viewing of original OON DVD and then the full 90 minute TRICKS AND TREATS DVD will be played 8pm sharp with probable additional screenings at 10pm & MIDNIGHT. Just ask if you want to reserve a seat.

Plans are in the works for a very limited edition deluxe set with TRICKS AND TREATS DVD, BONUS OUTTAKES DVD-R, AUTOGRAPHED DELUXE (print on demand) PHOTO BOOK, PRINT OF PHOTO (unframed), SONGLIST PRINT OUT, ORIGINAL FULL COLOR SPINART GIG POSTER, a COUPLE OF PEANUT M&MS and ONE FEATHER from BTM's RED BOA. This would go great with your Orgy Of Noise CD BOX SET.

It Might Get Loud the MOVIE.... with JIMMY PAGE, THE EDGE and JACK WHITE !

If you love rock guitar, then you should love this movie. Sort of a tale of a Grandfather, Son, and Grandson all on the path. Each guitarist had their solo backstory unfold into the chat hangtime and super jam summit. My only hope is that the DVD release contains a bonus disc chocked full of the pure raw uncut complete summit trio jams. Maybe the three of them could do a tour together and play solo and as a trio. Hey, I can dream, prob sell out before I could score a ticket anyway. On a semi-related note, I just scored a ticket to see Zep's JONESY at HOB in Boston playing with Them Crooked Vultures.

One of the best moments of summit jam was when Jimmy broke out Zep's Whole Lotta Love riffage... the wide eyed smiles on Jack and the Edge's faces were priceless. In My Time Of Dying jam and theremin moments were killer as well. I saw Led Zeppelin II tour in May 1970 in NC and caught various Jimmy excursions over the years (The Firm, Outrider solo tour, Page/Plant and The Black Crowes.) Caught U2 on opening date of their 1983 WAR tour in NC and saw U2 at Boston Garden (or whatever they are calling it now) a couple years ago and plan to see U2 this fall as well. Saw Jack with White Stripes in Lowell MASS earlier in this decade and a couple years ago at the Orpheum in Boston. Jack always plays his walking talking rockin' character to the hilt all the way down the line.

Of course a great gig makes ya wanna JAM OUT... so when I got back to my studio, I immediately broke out my SILVERTONE GUITAR (just like the one I had as a kid back in 1968 when I played in my band The Electric Onion and grabbed a slide and cranked my SVT amp and went for a bit of jam, before getting distracted. I have been playing guitar for over forty years, if only i had the focus to JUST play guitar all the time, I would be one helluva player by now. Lately it seems, I spend more time going back to my earliest roots and jamming on my tennis racquet guitar.

OK... gotta get back to editing the new ORGY OF NOISE DVD. Actually never stopped, exporting and rendering on Final Cut program in the background as I type this.

More info on the film over at: