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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Final Cut Video Editing & Mix Sweetening for Orgy Of Noise Concert DVD is Making Progress !

Progress update: Just finished a ROUGH CUT VIDEO EDIT in Final Cut Pro of the ORGY OF NOISE Halloween Concert October 30, 2008 set (25min) and exported it into LOGIC for some AUDIO POST MIX SWEETENING. Usually do AUDIO in Pro Tools, but giving Logic a try.

Still need to capture and edit three Headroom Studio improv recording rehearsal sessions of the line-up and then sort out all the still photographs into a slide show.... AND then create a DVD for October 30, 2009 release. Still lots to do. Stay tuned.

Sending out another big THANX to all of YOU (friends, fans, musicians, crew) who showed up to be a part of the show !

Friday, August 14, 2009

Retro Recorder iPhone App from McDSP for only TWO BUX !

Now all I need is an iPhone....

for now, i'll just stick with my micro-cassette recorder.

You can bet when i finally score my very own iPhone, i will hook my micro-deck up to the retro recorder app. I have a few ideas cooking for my own iPhone apps, but who knows when I will find the time to develop them.

Other fun iPhone apps include BLOOM (from ENO & PETER CHILVERS) and another recording app called FOUR TRACK and a cool NOISEio SYNTH. I guess i can just get rid of all my studio computers and do it all on an iPhone.

Rock Band Game on iPhone

Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's almost the THIRD SUNDAY of the MONTH, you know what that means, THE FLEA AT MIT ! * * *

UPDATE: 6AM SUNDAY MORNING: It's FLEA DAY.... been up all nite editing/mixing per usual, normally crash out about now, but gonna try to stay up to catch the 9AM gate opening and seek out some discarded vintage junk for the BTM ZONKULATOR LAB.

UPDATE: 11AM SUNDAY MORNING: I'm back from the FLEA... tons of tempting gizmos, but nothing that screamed BUY ME. I am almost never out in the melting daytime sun, so I did a lookeeeloo loop and zapped right back to my windowless studio cave and my computers and TippiCat. Snapped a few jiffy tourist shots just for fun. Prob bounce out to the next FLEA on September 20th.

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Sir Paul McCartney at Fenway Ball Park 2009 - Wings at Cow Palace SF 1976

Wishing I had a ticket to see PAULY at FENWAY. I have lived in Boston for 25 years, but since I am not a sports fan, I have never set foot in Fenway. Almost tempted to go down to hang outside and listen to tonight's concert. Not sure if it is sold out, but I am beyond tapped out.

Looking for a MIRACLE TICKET... just one... PLEASE?
(you know i almost never ask for anything & just give slack.)

Super photog Tim Bugbee managed to wrangle the golden two songs at two hundred yards photo pass to the 8.5.09 Fenway show.
SEE MORE PHOTOS at Prefix Magazine by

I did however managed to catch WINGS OVER AMERICA show at the COW PALACE in San Francisco - June 1976. It was cool to see PAUL and LINDA and DENNY. Plus, later that year (Thanksgiving) caught RINGO jamming with THE BAND at The Last Waltz - Winterland.

I really tried to get my Dad to take me to Shea Stadium in New York in 1966 when I was ten (and lived in Virginai) to see The Beatles, but no dice. Consolation prize was seeing the (fake usa tv beatles) The Monkees in 1967 in NC with an relatively unknown Jimi Hendrix as opening act about two weeks AFTER Monterey.

UPDATE: I decided NOT to sit in the street and listen to second night of Paul at Fenway. Almost went, but i figured would just live with the memories of 1976 Wings show and let it go.