Sunday, October 31, 2010

20th Anniversary of Out of Band Experience (OBE) - Call Now! Vinyl LP Album & Cassette Release Halloween 2010

the first OBE ALBUM - CALL NOW! was released on VINYL & CASSETTE.
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

BTM Noise ReMix of John Eye's Cannonicus is Out Now !

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* see video: original eye mix
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BTM's Moog Filtatron "Out On The Roof" Experiment (Orgy Of Noise)

BTM's Moog Filtatron "Out On The Roof" Experiment (Orgy Of Noise) by billtmiller

Moog FILTATRON app experiment on iPod Touch. I went up on the the roof of new Headroom Kitchen Studio space and tweaked out on the Filtatron app a bit. Dialed all controls into overload self-oscillation and recorded it with the built-in sampler. Then tested the transfer files via ftp function on the app back down in the control room to my mac-mini. All worked flawlessly. Definitely my new favorite app on iPod. This sound snip is just a test teaser.... look for actual videos of me tweaking iPod apps in the future. &


More info on Moog's FILTATRON app for iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad at:

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BTM in MOOG T-SHIRT circa 1981

Sunday, October 17, 2010

BTM's Headroom Kitchen Studios v6

After nine years in Allston, MA, my studio has morphed again into another location in Boston. Three were in Boston's South End (1984-2001) and two in Allston (2001-2010) and now the newest v6 is one town over in Brighton, MA. This version is a hybrid of the best of all the gear I was really using packed into a KITCHEN nook. My full Pro Tool TDM audio and Final Cut Pro video rigs are wired in. Now I can focus on editing/mixing the dozens of studio sessions and live shows that I have already shot/recorded that have never been released. (more on that coming up)

The rest of my collections (circuit bent toys, outsider instruments, junk percussion, electronics, synths, guitars, records, etc) are stashed in storage. My LIVE BTM Orgy Of Noise rig is right at the front ready to MAYBE go on the road in late 2011/2012. Plus, I have access to a higher speed internet connection and will be doing more BTM Television Webcasts where you can look over my shoulder as I edit/mix upcoming DVDs & CDs. Plus, cooking recipe segments and special appearances by Bent Tron Bot & Sheri & ZiggyCat & much more on the upcoming 2011 BTM TV season.

NO PLANS for ANY LIVE BTM GIGS yet, but look for pre-season BTM TV Webcasts soon-ish. Eventually I plan to do regular BTM TV webcasts. I will mainly focus on my own DVD video projects and a few choice remix or soundtrack projects. Plus some MIGHT do some freelance engineer/production for OTHER bands at OTHER studios.

In the meantime... tons of my videos are already online at: htt:// & a pile of my albums/cds for free download at: htt://

see full size at:
360 Panoramic of Headroom Kitchen Studios v6
shot by Bill T Miller


SEE/HEAR MORE HEADROOM v5 (past space) in Allston