Monday, December 29, 2008

Orgy Of Noise at Bandwidth TV now available on DVD ! PLUS, STRYMISH B&W FILM PHOTOS !

========> Get in touch for a promo copy of the DVD.

+ LOOK for the episode to be broadcast on New England area cable TV. Much more info in posts below.


remember click on images to see larger version

Speaking of DVDs... do you have the original ORGY OF NOISE DVD with new menus and even more videos? Includes TWENTY OON VIDEOS !

+ LOOK for ORGY OF NOISE at TTs @ Halloweeny gig on DVD with bonus studio sessions and photo slideshow out in early 2009.

The HITS just keep coming.... are you ready for MORE MORE MORE?

Monday, December 22, 2008

SEE Orgy Of Noise on Bandwidth TV

"Bandwidth TV @ CCTV is real public television that really includes the greater Boston community by putting people on the air and giving them a chance to learn about all facets of production in a professional setting. When my band Orgy Of Noise was invited to appear on an episode we had a blast and the crew there was top notch. The host Matt Mitchell and the director Marissa Acosta are fans and creators of experimental music so they understood my whole noise improv vibe. I brought my large ensemble and a bunch of studio audience guests and Bandwidth provided food and refreshments before the broadcast and captured the morphing chaos of our performance that featured circuit bent toys, outsider instruments (like electro tennis racquet) and percussion, guitar, violin, sax and a choir of insanity all directed live from several cameras to the final cut in real time. Plus a few weeks later they even had a fully edited pro DVD of the show. All for free. Thank you Bandwidth TV." - Bill T Miller


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa Rox !

X-Mas 1965. Gotta luv Santa. He looks like some sorta hippie guru. That's me standing on the left. I scored some Beatles records on X-Mas 1964 and around the time this pic was snapped I formed my first mega rock band with my two younger brothers. Since we didn't have real guitars or drums we used racquet guitars and trash can drums. Funny how things haven't really changed much. I still want more toys and everyday is a holiday in my world.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

BTM Winter Hibernation 2008

That's the view looking outside to the building accross the street from my studio door (in Allston/Boston) the day before winter officially starts.

My PLAN is to HIBERNATE and stare at Final Cut Pro Video and Pro Tool Audio screens until I spin mountains of media into audio visual gold. Several DVDs and CDs and Photo Books and etc are in the works.

By the time spring arrives I should have unleashed more video and audio that you can consume. For that matter I already have more than you have even heard or seen online already at: (fifteen full albums) and (over fifty videos) and (tons of archived webcasts) and (thousands of photos) and so on.... SO DIG IN and DIG IT, man.

* OK, I prob will poke my head out of my cave to see NEPTUNE (Dec 22nd) and MAGIC PEOPLE (Jan 12th) and MISSION OF BURMA (Jan 24th)... but that's it... sure it is.

Have ya seen the ORGY OF NOISE BOX SET with SIX CDs and the DVD?
Does everybody out there at least have their very own copy of the ORGY OF NOISE DVD? If not get in touch and I will hook ya up.

* UPDATE... Here's a snapshot of my studio entrance on the first day of winter. I don't have any windows in my studio (except my computer and tv screens) so for the most part it doesn't really matter if it is night or day or sunny or snowy I live in my own little dreamworld of fun. I try to share what I can with YOU via all the videos and cds and mp3s. Look for more BTM TELEVISION Webcasts direct from my studio in 2009.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Orgy Of Noise TV Party Fun on Bandwidth TV

BTM Television on BANDWIDTH TV


Michael Knoblach - Bill T Miller

Michael Knoblach - Bill T Miller
Jonathan LaMaster - Larry Dersch

Michael Knoblach - Bill T Miller
Jonathan LaMaster - Larry Dersch
Jules Vasylenko - Joshua Jefferson
Cheryl Wanner

(line-up same as above)

(full line-up in post below)


Bandwidth TV Crew

Host Matt Mitchell & BTM

Yer Watching Orgy Of Noise
on Bandwidth TV on CCTV !!!

* Bandwidth TV Photos Above by Sheri Hausey

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

ORGY OF NOISE Taping for Bandwidth TV @ CCTV Studios on December 12th

Bill T Miller (OBE - Kings Of Feedback - Drum Army) = ETC
Michael Knoblach (Auddity - Little Mystery - Drum Army) = PERC
Larry Dersch (A.K.A.C.O.D - Binary System - Drum Army) = PERC
Jonathan LaMaster (Cul de Sac - Saturnalia - Sublingual) = VIOLIN

+++ Plus a heap of SPECIAL GUESTS...
* Jules Vasylenko (sax)
* Joshua Jefferson (sax)
* Cheryl Wanner (Dreamchild)
Frank Gerace (Dreamchild)
Ed "Moose" Savage (and His Litany of Complaints - Mudbugs)
Geoff Chase (Axemunkee - Bentmen)
Vela & Dirk (Gang Clan Mafia)
Al Nahabedian (Happy the Clown)
Monte McGuire (sound mastermind)
Michael Bloom (the one and only)

Jason Sanford (Neptune)

* Documentary Crew...
Adrian Montes (Noise Vision video)
Sheri Hausey (photographer)
Jon Strymish (photographer)

It's gonna be a sort Orgy Of Noise meets Drum Army


Marissa Acosta

Matt Mitchell

Marissa Acosta
Matt Mitchell

Audio Engineer
George Nagel

Marcel Rizzo

Technical Director
John Melczer

Camera Operators
Daniel Jacobs
Christine Luiggi
Marcel Rizzo
Sam Roya

Handheld Camera Operator
Marcel Rizzo

Lauren Erwin
Renee Jackson
Rock Louis

*STAY TUNED, this will be taped live on the 12th and broadcast in 2009 on cable tv and the net and eventually available on DVD. In the meantime check out archived 2008 BTM = Orgy Of Noise webcasts on BTM TELEVISION.

* click on images to see LARGER versions.

LOOK for ORGY OF NOISE on BANDWIDTH TV in January 2009...

Bandwidth TV air times and stations

CCTV (Cambridge)
Channel 10
Tuesdays @ 830pm
Fridays @ 1130pm
Sundays @ 12pm

SCAT (Somerville)
Channel 3
Fridays @ 930pm

BNN (Boston)
Channel 23 (Comcast) or 83 (RCN)
Wednesdays @ 12am

BATV (Brookline)
Channel 3
Mondays @ 430am
Thursdays @ 1030am
Thursdays @ 1030pm
Fridays @ 430pm

MATV (Malden)
Channel 3
Thursdays @ 1130pm

BMC (Belmont)
Channel 9 (Comcast)
Channel 29 (Verizon)
Tuesdays @ 1130pm
Saturdays @ 1130pm



* EDITING the ORGY OF NOISE LIVE IN CONCERT DVD in Final Cut Pro... will be editing this way into the winter.

Still laying low in semi-hibernation, but this is my must see hit list.

* Recording The Beatles Book Authors at Boston Public Library Talk - 12/2

* Smash Palace Festival at YMCA - Cambridge, MA - 12/4 & 12/5 & 12/6 (CLICK to SEE PHOTOS)

* Ehnahre at O'Brien's in Allston Noise City - 12/7 - THIS was HEAVY, man.

* ORGY OF NOISE Taping for Bandwith TV at CCTV in Cambridge, MA - 12/12

* NEPTUNE - Middle East in Cambridge, MA - 12/12 (might go to this)

* id m theft able & Mike Bullock & nmperign & undr quartet @ third life, cambridge, ma - 12/13

* Neptune @ Great Scott in Allston Noise City - 12/22

+ On DECEMBER 12, I am doing that Orgy Of Noise Bandwidth show taping at CCTV and then maybe might could make it around the corner after the taping to see my fave rocknrolling noise boy band NEPTUNE, but prob will just wait and see NEPTUNE on Dec 22 at Great Scott. It seems everything is happening on 12/12. I won't be able to be there, but if YOU can make it to LOWELL that night, check out a killer industrial show that is happening with NAU-ZEE-AUN (which includes DEFTLY-D and ANDREW GRANT, who are Orgy Of Noise members as well.) Also playing on that bill at Down The Street Cafe are: WINTERKALTE & TERRORFAKT & SCRAP.EDX.
click for more info.

Plus, FRED FRITH of Henry Cow is playing at ICA on 12/12... AND if your in Philadelphia on 12/12, catch MARTIN BISI @ Danger Danger Gallery... with guests AJDA THE TURKISH QUEEN and BRIAN VIGLIONE, both who have jammed in Orgy Of Noise.