Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Our TRADITIONAL CAMERA TRIPOD TREE is ready for that ancient alien astronaut SANTA CLAUS to deliver all sorts of GIZMOS via his UFO powered by magick reindeer taking off from his secret polar base later tomorrow night. Thanx Santa... peace on earth and ROCK ON.

xmas 1965 - me & my dad & my two younger brothers with santa

xmas 2006 - my charlie brown tree with guitar ornament
(with tippi cat pounce treat can for base)

charlie brown & snoopy, rudolf the red-nosed reindeer, frosty the snowman, the little drummer boy, scrooge, the grinch, and all santa's elves are my favorite x-mas characters.

Scored some more electro synthy gizmos for x-mas this year...

(All I Want Is) A Synthesizer For Christmas
Music by Hyperbubble & Video by Ambar Navarro.