Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Musician Producer Engineer, BILL T MILLER's earliest surviving recordings as an ARTIST. Recorded in 1976 at BTM's Bungalow Bill Recording Studio in North Hollywood, California on a white-face ARP ODYSSEY into a REVOX A-77 Tape Recorder bouncing the tracks sound on sound overdub style.

* stream or download free audio: http://billtmiller.bandcamp.com
* also available on limited edition CASSETTE.

Originally released on CASSETTE on BTM's label Moon Records in late 1976, shortly after graduating from College for the Recording Arts in San Francisco and moving to LA. Re-released 38 years later on Autumnal Equinox 2014. This recording is actually four different songs, all on ARP ODYSSEY. These electronic music excursions from 1976 give you a glimpse of future BTM experimental rock bands like: OBE & ORGY OF NOISE & ZONKULATOR. Starting his own garage band (later dubbed The Racquet Band) with tennis rackets for guitars in late 1965, jamming along with records and then getting a real guitar in late '67 and cranking up THE ELECTRIC ONION before focusing on recording engineering and production in mid-70s. This five minute tape of ARP SYNTH experiments is ONLY AUDIO existing of early BTM !!!!!!!!!

MORE BTM ARP ODYSSEY at: http://billtmiller.com/arp/