Saturday, July 26, 2014

!!!! HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY MOM !!!!

My brother Greg and MMMOM with 80th birthday carrot cake!

MY MMMOM jamming on my Orgy Of Noise suitcase full if gizmos rig at Bungalow Bill Studios in Asheville, NC in 2013.

ME and MY MOM, laughing with the sunday comics back in late 50s in Virginia via super 8 film footage.



1928 – Stanley Kubrick, American director

1934 - MARLENE MILLER, teacher, photographer, artist,
and super Mom to Bill David Greg

1940 – Dobie Gray, American singer-songwriter
1941 – Darlene Love, American singer and actress
1943 – Mick Jagger, English singer-songwriter (Rolling Stones)
1945 – Helen Mirren, English actress
1949 – Roger Taylor, English singer-songwriter, drummer (Queen)
1956 – Dorothy Hamill, American figure skater
1959 – Kevin Spacey, American actor, singer, and producer
1961 – Gary Cherone, American singer-songwriter (Extreme)
1964 – Sandra Bullock, American actress and producer