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ORGY OF NOISE - OCTOBER 30 @ TT's in Cambridge, MA - Are YOU gonna be THERE?

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Saturday Night @ Outpost 186 in Inman Square, Cambridge, MA.

Badal Roy - tablas & percussion (Miles, Ornette, Pharoah, Ono)
Dave Bryant - piano (Ornette Coleman)
Mike Rivard - bass (Club d'Elf)

Trio of heaving cats laying it down. Great show.

Special THANX to Rob Chalfen of Outpost 186 and Dave Bryant (presenter & keyboards) - look for more shows in 2008.

OK, GOTTA GET BACK to working on my Orgy Of Noise trax.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Plastic People Of The Universe


OK... just got back from last minute bounce to see:

Concert of the Czech Band - PLASTIC PEOPLE OF THE UNIVERSE
@ Somerville City Club, all the way from Prague to Somerville.

Dug it... great sounds & people. This was a surreal suprise. WOW.

Check them out:

ALL RIGHT... I couldn't not go to see these legends live in concert. So, NOW I am back on my focused quest to finish the Orgy Of Noise song for the compilation AND nail the DOTC REMIX. Only gonna post two Plastic People photos for the time being, so i can fire up the pro tools rig here in the studio and get on it.



Started THIS blogspot page back in 2005, but really just kept doing updates to my main news page @ and scattered across my mountains of BTM related websites stretching back to 1995. Been on some sort of BLOGGING BINGE right HERE on "Who the Frack is Bill T Miller?" blogspot as of late. A sorta EIGHT DAYS A WEEK BTM BLOG ORGY. Not sure how long i can keep on bloggin' at this pace or if anybody is even checking it out. PLEASE POST IN THE COMMENTS on THIS BLOGSPOT. Also, remember to click on OLDER POSTS at the bottom of each page. In some ways it makes more sense to go all the way back and start with the OLDEST ORIGINAL POST and THEN watch the time line unfold by clicking on the NEWER POSTS link. Makes sense right?

For even more thrills, check out:


MORE COWBELL? This is site is really what the internet is for. No wonder I don't get anything done. Found this posted by Coughlin to The Noise Board. You can upload an MP3 and choose the percentage of COWBELL and WALKEN to be added. I went with 26% cowbell and 82% Walken for my OBE song featuring Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie & Tin Machine) on lead guitar and Malcolm Travis (Sugar & Zulus) on Drums and (me) Bill T Miller (Kings Of Feedback & Orgy Of Noise) on bass, rhythm & more lead guitar, samples, screaming, and production from my OPEN YOUR EARS (1994) CD.

I am thinking i should have gone for 100% walken and maye 50% cowbell. Cause ya can never have enough WALKEN in your mix.

 Make your own at 

For the moment, i have talked myself out of uploading more tunes to the cowbell/walken site. BUT you can DOWNLOAD ALL FIFTEEN of MY ALBUMS via Here's the full cd with the OBE - OBSOLETE song featured above.

check out NFO

Speaking of COWBELL... check out this ORGY OF NOISE loud live distorted raw unedited webcam broadcast from
I am tweaking out on a Waterhed circuit bent voice transformer while MICHAEL KNOBLACH bangs away on HUGE CUSTOM MADE COWBELLS.

SEE PIX of that ORGY OF NOISE - BTM & KNOBLACH Leap Year Session.

UPDATE (Friday Afternoon): of course I had to have even MORE COWBELL & WALKEN with some ORGY OF NOISE... this time with 70% cowbell and 86% Walken.

 Make your own at 


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Thursday, September 25, 2008


BOSTON PSYCHEDELIC CINEMA REVISITED which features The Boston Tea Party Light Show Films directed by Ken Brown - 1967-1969 with live music from Chris Butler, Bob Moses, Willie "Loco" Alexander, Ken Winokur, P. Andrew Willis, and DJ Pace at the Coolidge Theater in Brookine.

Ken Winokur (of Alloy Orchestra) is one of my fave percussionists and is a GENERAL in my DRUM ARMY. The light show films are just what i need for even more inspiration, since i am currently editing up some super 8 films (shot by my mom of me in 60s) and some random strobed-out clips and trippy liquid projections wet show dv cam footage and some bent b&w pxl2000 footage, that i have been shooting over the last few years into a projection screen dvd for the OCT 30 - ORGY OF NOISE SHOW. I was using the Fillmore - Avalon Ballroom - Winterland shows as a foundation of criteria. These Tea Party films should add more fuel to that already burning fire. Of course visually and sonically i will continue to delve into new realms of kaos with my creations. The original spark was the cover of the Iron Butterfly In-a-gadda-da-vida album i scored in 1968 when i was twelve. We even got an overhead projector (my dad was a chemistry professor at local college) and did a liquid wet show projection for my band The Electric Onion in 69.

The Electric Onion (1969-70).

UPDATE: I'm back and here's a snap of the happening. Trippy film fun, man. Great sights and sounds, KEN's films were the foundation backdrop for shows at The Boston Tea Party. I assume there would also be slides, wet show overhead projectors along with his films. Tonight's film was about an hour long.

In the shadows of the KEN BROWN films...
SEE Bob Moses (bass) & Ken Winokur (percussion)

Chris Butler(drums) & Willie Alexander (keys) & P. Andrew Willis (gtr)

Chris Butler(drums) & DJ Pace & Willie Alexander (keys)

The one and only KEN BROWN

Ken Brown's Pix Pop
Interview with Ken Brown (article and video)
Furthur for Psychedelic Cinemaby by Bob Moses

OK.... that's the end of my six day weekend of non-stop adventures.
Update: turning into 7-8 Day weekend since ended going to see Plastic People and i might go to Badal Roy @ Outpost.

As you may have noticed, I switch channels constantly via my grey matter spazms.

While we're on the subject of tripped-out visuals...
check out these Orgy Of Noise wet show snapshots.


NOW... back to my ORGY OF NOISE sessions and DOTC REMIX. My plan is do go for a six day weekend of almost non-stop studio fun from Fri-Wed.


Overheard at Basement Show.................... "I'm NOT really into the NOISE SCENE..."

I'm back from basement noise show at Butcher Shop down the street from my studio in Allston. As i walked in locals JOEY (of EUU and one of the hosts from house) had a 4-track reel to reel and a synth cranked through a 8-10 bass cab. (you could FEEL the AIR of the sound pumping) and NATHAN (who i know from his collaborations with Jessica Rylan's Flower Electronics) was blasting his Roland SH-101 synth through pedals into his Sunn amp rig. THESE TWO TOGETHER = KILLER.


JOEY and his rig, right after their set.

In between sets during the set-up is where i heard a young lady proclaiming to her friend... "I'm NOT really into the NOISE SCENE." I wanted to laugh out loud as i THOUGHT... "WHO REALLY IS?" Maybe she's onto something. Just the night before after the four sets at Piano Factory, I kept saying, "LET'S FACE, IT'S ALL WANKERY" as others were debating whether each act was good or not. Then right after next noise basement solo set ended i found myself proclaiming, "GLAD I BROUGHT MY EARPLUGS" or something. I guess i dig IMAGINATION in any of the ARTS, but as "noise" becomes the norm (well sorta) the clone factor makes it as doomed into the rut formula in ALMOST (?) killed rock, jazz, hip hop, etc.

Not sure of the order, but the ON TOUR trio of solo acts (EARTH CROWN & SECRET ABUSE & ZOMGRUL OCTI) each layed down some sweet noise sets. I missed opener ANIMAL STEEL (Ted of 2DSOGF) since i was still at the fcp video workshop. Chatted with JOEY, NATHAN, DJ NINGNONG, RYAN (of Dreamhouse) and a few others and blasted back to the studio where I am now sorting a couple pix.

REWIND: Earlier in the evening....

I went to Boston Final Cut Pro User Group (BOSFCPUG) with Oliver Peters presenting a Final Cut Pro case study of the upcoming HBO Documentary "Blindsided" and Robert Caldeira with FireStore FS-5 tapeless FCP workflow. I always learn a few tricks and meet some kool apple luving video editors. Plus they have mountains of my favorite drink (Poland Springs Water) and tonight free pizza. Sorry NO PIX of the PIZZA as i was blasting out early to make it just in time to see JOEY at basement noise gig.

The industrial ceiling art of the workshop venue needed to be snapped. And how can you have a personal blog about ME without another BTM shot?

So that was part of the FIFTH DAY in my five day weekend, that is being extended into a SIX day weekend. Since THURSDAY NIGHT i gotta check out "BOSTON PSYCHEDELIC CINEMA REVISITED" .... more on that in next blogged out post.

One thing is for sure, i will NOT keep up this pace of photoging and recording sessions and BLOGGING. I will probably hibernate for the winter and NOT cut new trax. I hope to mostly EDIT my existing VIDEO for my super duper BTM DVD.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

John Wiese, Noise Nomads, Benjamin Nelson, Embouchur @ Piano Factory - 9.23.08

Back from another Showtime at the Piano Factory gig in the South End of Boston. This was presented by an alliance of Semata, Intransitive & Non-Event.... so Susanna Bolle, Bhob Rainey, Howard Stelzer were all there. The audience was peppered with a host of celebs, the likes of Greg Kelley, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Max Lord, Ophibre, Angela Sawyer,Jay Sullivan, DJ NingNong, Mr. Budd, and uber fan SAM. (All of them pop-up in various photos i have snapped over the years.) First up was Ricardo & Nathan of Semata Productions playing as the duo... Embouchur. Tried to listen while i snapped some pix from the front row in the dim grim darkness, but no matter what i did, i couldn't shake this Cat tune outta my head... "Well if you want to sing out sing out. And if you want to be free be free."


Benjamin Nelson

Noise Nomads

John Wiese

If you want to see some way better pix of the night, check out THESE EXCELLENT PHOTOS of the SHOW by Susanna Bolle. wow. great shots. The darkness of the piano factory actually seems like it was properly lit up and the focus of the lens is sharp and clear. Kudos to Susanna.

WED 3 AM now... My in-progress ORGY OF NOISE Recording Sessions & DOTC Remix probably will NOT get cranked back into this morning. Below is a shot (snapped by Sheri Hausey) of racquet drum overdub from session ten days ago.

I am gonna recharge for a Final Cut Pro video workshop and then a noise show at The Butcher Shop (right here in Allston Noise City) that are happening back to back WED evening. Then i will stay on track in studio for several days & NOT got to shows for a bit. I gotta retire my shoot live gig photog & scene supporter personas and invest more into my own music/noise and videos and hang out more with TIPPI CAT.

".....'Cause there's a million things to be. You know that there are."

Oh Dang, i just checked my calendar and there are happenings this THURS and SAT that i gotta check out.

* remember click on photos to see larger images.
+ check out the rest of the post here on the blog.

More PEWTER ZEBRA Photographs AND just re-updated with another VIDEO.

Still rocking the night away. it's way past dawn now, but who would know when your in a studio with no windows. Never made it back into the ORGY OF NOISE recording session or DOTC Remix. after sorting and posting photos of monday's gig, i ended up digging deeper into the PEWTER ZEBRA shots from Saturday (see previous post.) Scanned four polaroids i shot with Dan's camera. Sorted and photoshoped a dozen hi-res jpgs and zipped them up and uploaded them so they can have them for their new myspace.


I snapped this of Dan & me right before they played.

Gotta go to see/hear NOISE NOMADS and the rest at Piano Factory tuesday night and then back to Orgy Of Noise and DOTC Remix here at Headroom in the wee hours of wednesday morning for sure.

UPDATE: 5 AM on Wednesday Sept 24... getting back to my ORGY OF NOISE tracks did NOT happen. Sorted and posted pix of Piano Factory gig and JUST added part two of PEWTER ZEBRA video... where Dan and Mark toss aside their guitars and start pounding pedals and cymbals. (see previous Saturday Night @ Oxfam post if you missed part one of video.)

UPDATE: check out PEWTER ZEBRA page with pix/vids:

Monday, September 22, 2008

HEATHEN SHAME featuring MEMBERS of GREG KELLEY and MAJOR STARS @ Charlies - 9.22.08


Sep 22 2008 10:00PM
Heathen Shame - Chris Cooper- Ryan Jewell - Dame Satan @ CHARLIE’S KITCHEN in Harvard Square. It seems like every other show around here has members of Greg Kelley and/or Major Stars, but they are all so good, so i keep going back. Still not really sure why.

Heathen Shame features the guitar feedback overload of Wayne Rogers and Kate Bigger... with maestro Greg Kelley. Greg's trumpet playing has been compared to plumbing since he toots, gurgles, squeaks, snorts, and plunges more than he actually plays. Above is an arted out shot of him from a show last week. The anagram of his name spells GREYELKGEL. On his plumbing company biz card is the motto: "Have Plungers, Will Travel".

Greg and I have talked about doing Orgy Of Noise session/gig for a while, someday i will drag him back over to the studio and make history.

Chris Cooper is great guitarist with a killer STACHE. i saw him couple weeks ago SOLO at Piano Factory and years ago with his Fat Worm of Error band. Been hearing good things about Ryan Jewell, so i am looking forward to his set as well.

IF i make it to the show as PLANNED and snap any shots, i will post one or two here, before i get back on the quest to finish up ORGY OF NOISE song and DOTC REMIX.

SEE YOU THERE? OK. Cool. Why do i feel like i am muttering to myself on this blog and nobody is listening?

I'M BACK (tuesday 2AM-ish) and here's some snaps of the big show....


RYAN JEWELL - Percussion Squeakage Mastery

CHRIS COOPER - Solo Guitar Electronic Trickery

On the floor checking out Chris Cooper set.
(in photo Kevin - Wayne - BTM and ???)


WAYNE & GREG of Heathen Shame in THE PIT

If you are not on the front page, make sure to CLICK main header at top or index link on side to see the rest of the blog... or just CLICK HERE.

Wok Snare & Spring Bass Drum Rolls with X-tra Duck Sauce... mmmmmmmmm.

TAKE OUT... please. WAY OUT. All nite tweaking in Headroom again. Overdubbed SPRING BASS DRUM-ish simple beat (see spring stretched accross the RACQUET TOMS) keying in on the existing bent riffage. Then added some metal WOK-ish snare (see square with holes and drum sticks) locking in with the toy bent guitar 'lectro snare. Now i am so thirsty. Gonna toast with my favorite drink, POLAND SPRINGS WATER (from Maine you know.) Right after this post gotta get back to editing a bit. On this track going for a improv remix automation mute and volume blast via motormix on pro tools as i go along. This is actually a pretty normal hit groove song for me.... gotta take it OUT a bit further. No NAME for the SONG yet, but if all fails i can just pull some words out of column A and column B and voila.

Already have a solid foundation of fried rice and noodles in the mix, so i am pretty stuffed and almost done.

My fortune cookie sez... "Your self-confidence shines and makes a great impression on others. Lucky numbers 4, 7, 16, 34,36,44." That reminds me i need to get a lottery ticket for tuesday's mega millions.

Tippi Cat came up in the mix zone for a little bit to help co-produce. Sorry no pix of her from tonight, but here's one from an Orgy Of Noise session a few years ago.

Almost fired up the BTM TV WEBCAM again, but
keep on nailing the trax without too much distraction.

UPDATE: (still going all night - 9:50 AM MONDAY now) - tweaked the mix quite a bit and added more more more junk percussion and some good old-fashioned tape delay freak out bits of noise via sound on sound function on my REVOX A-77 tape recorder, that i have had since 1975.

...AND then closed the OON session files up and switched gears and poked back into the REMIX i am doing for a DOTC song that is on ROCK BAND 3 game. Their orig trax sound so good.

Still gotta charge of camera batteries and format the chips and etc for the Heathen Shame & Chris Cooper show on MONDAY at CHARLIE's Harvard Square. More on that wing ding later.

sleeping all day, so i can rock all night.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Back on track with ORGY OF NOISE sessions..

OK... got distracted and went to saturday nite gig (see previous post) and sorted photos and videos into the wee hours, but NOW (as soon as i finish this post) i am back on track, tweaking and pro tools editing the latest overdub on the Orgy Of Noise song i am recording. Added some STYLOPHONE mutated through a Mini-Kaoss Pad coming out like some sorta Booty Collins - Bernie Worrell wah wah mutron electro funk noise as it gurgles into the circuit bent toys and racquet percussion i layed down. The Stylophone/Kaoss combo is a bit FUNKY, but the rest of the track is still more industrial noise electro -ish. FUN FUN FUN. Maybe i should WEBCAST the sessions on BTM TELEVISION... but it tends to be a distraction... just like THIS BLOG is a distraction.

I keep thinking why am i creating MORE MUSIC when most of you have barely made it through the mountains of my existing albums, videos, photos etc.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Night Show at Oxfam...

* September 20, 2008 --- (6pm-ish now) i am heading off to see/hear....
PEWTER ZEBRA (with Mark & Dan of Neptune), Keith Fullerton Whitman, Agathe Max, Animal Hospital Zoig-Ma-Noig (Tyler Hollis Derryberry of H0-AG) @ Oxfam Cafe... see FIVE DAY WEEKEND post below. for more info about New England are shows... go to:

OK, i am back. (4am sunday now) here's a couple of photos and a short lo-fi PEWTER ZEBRA VIDEO.

Mark Pearson & Dan Boucher of the band Neptune.

SEE a ton of PHOTOS i snapped of NEPTUNE.

....(monday am now) just updated with even MORE vids and pics.

Agathe Max & Animal Hospital

Zoig-Ma-Noig - Tyler Hollis Derryberry of H0-AG on GAMEBOYS
SEE a some of PHOTOS i snapped of HO-AG.

Keith Fullerton Whitman

* remember you can click on any photos here to see larger versions.
+ make sure to check out the rest of the blog posts here.


Didn't want you to miss out... i have been sharing this rare 1990 VINYL LP (that was recently re-issued in CD) since the mid-nineties on the net as 128 kbps quality mp3s, but JUST upgraded the rip (straight from my original masters) to 320 kbps.

CLICK HERE or scroll down to go to OLDER OBE POST on this blog.

Feel free to share ANY of my CDs on YOUR BLOG as well as BURN THEM for yer pals. I have FIFTEEN ALBUMS worth of MY music/noise on ... and over time, plan to upgrade all of them to higher quality 320 kbps. Any requests on which one i encode next??? Let me know in comments.