Saturday, December 20, 2008

BTM Winter Hibernation 2008

That's the view looking outside to the building accross the street from my studio door (in Allston/Boston) the day before winter officially starts.

My PLAN is to HIBERNATE and stare at Final Cut Pro Video and Pro Tool Audio screens until I spin mountains of media into audio visual gold. Several DVDs and CDs and Photo Books and etc are in the works.

By the time spring arrives I should have unleashed more video and audio that you can consume. For that matter I already have more than you have even heard or seen online already at: (fifteen full albums) and (over fifty videos) and (tons of archived webcasts) and (thousands of photos) and so on.... SO DIG IN and DIG IT, man.

* OK, I prob will poke my head out of my cave to see NEPTUNE (Dec 22nd) and MAGIC PEOPLE (Jan 12th) and MISSION OF BURMA (Jan 24th)... but that's it... sure it is.

Have ya seen the ORGY OF NOISE BOX SET with SIX CDs and the DVD?
Does everybody out there at least have their very own copy of the ORGY OF NOISE DVD? If not get in touch and I will hook ya up.

* UPDATE... Here's a snapshot of my studio entrance on the first day of winter. I don't have any windows in my studio (except my computer and tv screens) so for the most part it doesn't really matter if it is night or day or sunny or snowy I live in my own little dreamworld of fun. I try to share what I can with YOU via all the videos and cds and mp3s. Look for more BTM TELEVISION Webcasts direct from my studio in 2009.

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