Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just experienced guitar god JEFF BECK at House Of Blues Boston....


Although I scored the LP shortly after it came out in '69, I never had the chance to see the Beck-Ola (and Truth) era band live. I first saw Beck Bogert Appice ('72) and and later WIRED era tour ('76) twice in a row in CALI and then later GUITAR SHOP era tour in Worcester with little Terry Bozzio on drums and Steve Morse opening up.

JEFF is tip top notch boogie fusion rockin'... the undisputed master of this style. His Strat simply sings. I ALMOST want to throw away my guitar picks and practice. Sometimes when I go see a great player, I am either inspired to play more or just wanna pack it in and give up. After I type this, I am gonna crank my STRAT up and maybe even jam on my BASS a bit. The band, bassist Tal Wilkenfeld, keyboardist Jason Rebello, and drummer Vinnie Colaiuta are a perfect fit. Tal's bass playing is a killer morph of chops, funk and pure joy. The whole band just looks like they are having fun.

The audience was mostly guitar geezer dudes with a smattering of youngsters and gals. Joe Perry (and some of Aerosmith) were up in the VIP stage overview balcony. Joe was looking like a stone statue never blinking or moving as he watched Jeff.

Guitarist Davy Knowles is part of the tour and opened up the show on acoustic and vocals. Great picker and vibe. Will havta check out some of his electric guitar playing at some point. I have seen all the the guitarists/songwriters (Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton, John Hiatt, Rory Gallagher) that he mentioned as influences live in concert at some point over the years.

Of course I would have loved to see my personal favorite GUITAR HERO... CATHY CAPOZZI and her band AXEMUNKEE playing on the bill or sitting in for a jam with Beck.

New HOB revamp of Avalon space is sweet. The upgrade seems to have opened up the venue a bit with a wider stage and multi-level balconies and the trademark HOB outsider art decor all around the space.

Only design detail that haunts the otherwise great sound system and acoustic design sonics is that the air conditioning units above the stage sound like Lou Reed's Heavy Metal Machine Music (an album I kinda LOVE by the way.) They were roaring during the super quiet moments, but were no prob during the loud bits. All they need is to put a microphone on it and run it through some delay and it would be a great percussion instrument. That's what I will do when my band ORGY OF NOISE plays there (if for some reason hell froze over hahaha) and HOB started having kool experimental noise shows instead or along with of their standard fair of classic rock etc.

OK, let's face it, HOB-Boston is not really totally in it for the MUSIC and ARTS. Bottled Water is $5, considering they cost about 15 cents each in a 24 pack, that's one helluva mark-up, even in the capatilistic world we live in, but hey that's show biz, baby.

FYI, I only grabbed two jiffy quick lo-fi snapsots of the show so their won't anymore of the normal pile of BTM PHOTOS of this show. In general hate this sorta ban on pro cameras policy of shows, that ensures that a zillion crappy camera phones and disposable box camera shots exist forever. I understand you don't want fans full audio recording rig set-ups, huge pro video cameras and over flash snapshot shooting (and on quiet tunes the shutter clicking is a prob) but there has got to be a balance somewhere. My own concerts will always have an open photo, video and recording policy. My guess it this will never change on big venues. Even if a band wanted to have an open policy and record themselves the venue would want a cut of that action. It's all about the Benjamins man.

OK back to our guitar hero BECK.... needless to say JEFF BECK is one of a handful who can truly claim GUITAR GOD status.

BOTTOM LINE: Get Beck's new LIVE at Ronnie Scott's DVD ... and if for some reason you don't already have it, get Beck-Ola and Blow By Blow and the rest of his albums. jeffbeck.com

The real personal highlight of the nite was on the way IN I ran into my pal (photog and super roadie) Kevin Gannon and on the way OUT (uber outsider poet) Lee Latif (who will be at Stone Soup on April 20th) and of course it was great hanging with (photog and cohort) Sheri Hausey at the show.

* Plus, the night before after my Sunday afternoon Easter Bunny Brunch Orgy Of Noise gig, I bounced over to the other side of Allston and caught another all instrumental line-up show with Red Horse, Brendan Murray, Danny Lopatin at Great Scott club. Last week I caught another great instrumental show with (RA) Robin Amos, Metal Glass Ensemble and Devil Music at Pozen Center at Mass Art Boston. Later the week, Robin Amos and the one and only Deftly-D joined in for with me for another Orgy Of Noise jam out the Noise Night circuit bent fun on Thursday. Of course more details of all my Orgy Of Noise fun are chronicled in previous post to this blog. AND after my jam out at Noise Night on Thursday I bounced over to see BENTMEN drummer FRANK COLEMAN banging with NYC's DEAD RAMONES at The Church and then on Friday caught CASEY DESMOND (the daughter of Des & Cathy of Bentmen) at the Sound Musuem's Magic Room. Grabbed a few photos of ALL of those shows, but it will be a while before I can find the time to sort and post them.

NOW my main focus is on my two upcoming ORGY OF NOISE shows. One at CYBER ARTS FESTIVAL on April 25th and the other is the super MULTIMEDIA CIRCUS at The Armory on May 8th.

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