Saturday, June 06, 2009

Polly Jean Harvey and John Parish @ HOB Boston on 6.6.09

PJ and JOHN at HOB-BOSTON on 6.6.09
See more photos by Kelly Davidson from THAT show.

Flashback to PJ 2004
PJ at Avalon - Boston on 10.9.04
See more photos by Sheri Hausey from THAT show.

I have been lucky enough to see PJ three times. All three were on the same stage. First time was at Avalon in Boston on 2.11.98. I have no snapshotss, but here's the set list from that show.

1998-11-02, - AVALON BALLROOM - BOSTON, MA, U.S.A.
Set List- Catherine / Rope Bridge Crossing / Civil War Correspondent / Taut / Joy / Electric Light / A Perfect Day Elise / Hook / Meet Ze Monsta / My Beautiful Leah / City Of No Sun / Angelene / Missed / Joe / Snake. Encore#1- Heela / Is This Desire?. Encore#2- The Garden / The Sky Lit Up / To Bring You My Love.

I wish I could have seen her during the RID OF ME era. Her Man-size video and her solo appearance playing Lick My Thighs and being interviewed on Jay Leno's Tonight(93) back then are still among my favorite PJ highlights.

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Kevin said...

I was at the show in '98 too! "Rope Bridge Crossing" still gives me the shivers....and the "To Bring You My Love" encore. whoa.