Monday, March 21, 2011

DOWNLOAD AIFF 16 Bit Sound Files of Out of Band Experience (OBE) "Call Now!" = Complete Album with Artwork - EQUINOX 2011 Re-Release

DOWNLOAD Out of Band Experience (OBE) "Call Now!" Full Album -
AIFF 16 Bit Sound Files - HD Hi-Definition CD Quality
Direct from Digital Masters of Original Analog Tapes!!!
includes Artwork.

on BurnThisDisc Label

This is the original 1990 OBE album that was released on VINYL LP & CASSETTE back then and as MP3s in 1997 and as of today re-released on the net as a full AIFF 16 bit download. Features a core OBE band of BILL T MILLER, ANDY DECKARD, JEFF COHEN, PAUL BOBLETT & JOHN BREGLIA with appearances by ROGER MILLER, RICH GILBERT, TIM ROBERT, RICH SPILLBERG, DICK TATE, MR. BUTCH, RUSS SMITH, DANIEL KELLER, DJ SMOOTH, KENYA HATHAWAY, BOB GAY, AL PETERS, CHRIS GEORGE, NICK LAUDANI, CAM ACKLAND,SAM MCAFEE, CHRIS MURPHY, TIM MAY, DR. LUIS, and more. Plus, phone-in messages to the defunct 1-800-OUT BAND phone number that were sampled and micro-decked back into the mix.

Download complete album of MP3s with bonus cuts and artwork and/or buy vinyl LP or CD at:

visit official OBE website

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