Saturday, April 16, 2011

* RECORDS on RECORD STORE DAY 2011 * Flashbacks from a Vinyl Junkie

Scored my very first records X-MAS 1964...
I still have that original Beatles '65 album.

Then my world centered around getting more records or guitars...

My Dad had a super deluxe hi-fi stereo system with custom turntable, Tandberg reel-to-reel tape recorder, separate Scott tube pre-amp and a Fisher amp and 15-inch EV woofers and Wharfedale tweeters and even a center channel 10-inch EV speaker.... but this was MY first record player.

Racquet Band circa 1966

...but by 1966 I no longer wanted more records only by other people, I wanted to MAKE MY OWN RECORDS!!!

The Electric Onion circa 1967

Although I still wanted MORE MORE MORE!!!!!

Now I have more records than I will ever have time to listen to in this lifetime.... and I have MADE more than YOU will find the time to listen to in YOUR lifetime.... but I still want even MORE!


Out of Band Experience (OBE) - Call Now!

Although I have engineered, produced, remixed or played on piles of music that was released on vinyl over the last few decades, my favorite slab of wax is my own LP released in 1990 and my label's first release the OBE FLEXI-DISC. In fact, I loved them so much that I bought a thousand of each. Real truth is they are pretty scarce and you prob can't find either of them in an actual "record store" anymore.



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