Tuesday, April 24, 2012

College for Recording Arts - Golden State Recorders in San Francisco

I went to College for Recording Arts in San Francisco (1975-1976)
mainly focusing on Recording Engineering Production.

Classes included:
* Audio with Vance Frost
* Synthesizers with Denny Jaeger
* Music Law with Jeffrey L. Graubart
* Mastering & Business with owner Leo De Gar Kulka.

The school had been a professional recording studio in the 60s known as Golden State Recorders. Everybody from Michael Bloomfield to Quicksilver Messenger Service to Great Society (with Grace Slick) Beau Brummels to Sons of Champlin to Nick Gravenites to Big Brother & the Holding Company to The Charlatans to The Emergency Crew (early Warlocks/Grateful Dead) to Brewer & Shipley (One Toke Over The Line) have recorded there.

Some of my classmates were Derek Casari, Tom Corbett, Austin Bauer, Bob Rose, Julie Last.

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