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BILL T MILLER - ORGY OF NOISE @ CyberArts Festival on April 25, 2009

Willoughby & Baltic presents THE MAKER REVOLUTION
April 25, 2009 @ Microsoft Startup Labs
1 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA (10-11th floor)

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I will be playing a free LIVE ORGY OF NOISE SOLO SET SOMETIME LATE SATURDAY AFTERNOON or EARLY EVENING? Originally when booked and planned in back in February my fifteen minute set was scheduled to be early afternoon around 2:45pm, but after all the recent curating and committee meetings and think tanking and updating by the gallery staff things have expanded and bounced around so much that as of now a few weeks before the event, the timetable for my involvement in the event is back up in the air and it is not clear when i will be performing. I plan to there with some of my toys and gizmos ready to make some noise when needed. I will might be small part of a panel talk workshop late Saturday afternoon as well. At this point just playing it by ear.

What I am doing is a very small part of the whole event.
In addition to myself and Jimmie P. Rodgers (who hosts NOISE NIGHT Jam and Bent Workshops at Willoughby and Baltic) and Derek Hoffend, some of the other participants include David Nunez, Darius Kazemi, Doug Moore, Mary Murray, Andrew Sempere, and gallery founder and artist, Meredith Garniss. There will be events, panel talks, workshops, etc BOTH DAYS - April 25-26.

This two day CyberArts Fest excursion will be in Cambridge at this superb space that Microsoft Startup Labs has generously shared with the community, but the actual Willoughby & Baltic proper is in Davis Square, Somerville and hosts an amazing combination of gallery, workshop, performance spaces and is home to the Boston Dorkbot group.

* NOTE: This event is ALL AGES - bring the whole family.

(Photo by Sheri Hausey)

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