Friday, August 14, 2009

Retro Recorder iPhone App from McDSP for only TWO BUX !

Now all I need is an iPhone....

for now, i'll just stick with my micro-cassette recorder.

You can bet when i finally score my very own iPhone, i will hook my micro-deck up to the retro recorder app. I have a few ideas cooking for my own iPhone apps, but who knows when I will find the time to develop them.

Other fun iPhone apps include BLOOM (from ENO & PETER CHILVERS) and another recording app called FOUR TRACK and a cool NOISEio SYNTH. I guess i can just get rid of all my studio computers and do it all on an iPhone.

Rock Band Game on iPhone

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Colin McDowell said...

Howdy Bill,

one thing Retro Recorder has going for it that all the other recorders do not have is the ALX processing feature. It is like an audio zoom-in feature - so you can be sure to capture all the quiet stuff, and all the loud stuff.

Now I am VERY biased when it comes to Retro Recorder, as I work at McDSP. But we're having an Retro Recorder audio clip contest whereby you can win up to $50 from the iTunes music store, so folks can check out Retro Recorder for themselves.

More details and polished marketing can be found at


Colin McDowell