Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's almost the THIRD SUNDAY of the MONTH, you know what that means, THE FLEA AT MIT ! * * *

UPDATE: 6AM SUNDAY MORNING: It's FLEA DAY.... been up all nite editing/mixing per usual, normally crash out about now, but gonna try to stay up to catch the 9AM gate opening and seek out some discarded vintage junk for the BTM ZONKULATOR LAB.

UPDATE: 11AM SUNDAY MORNING: I'm back from the FLEA... tons of tempting gizmos, but nothing that screamed BUY ME. I am almost never out in the melting daytime sun, so I did a lookeeeloo loop and zapped right back to my windowless studio cave and my computers and TippiCat. Snapped a few jiffy tourist shots just for fun. Prob bounce out to the next FLEA on September 20th.

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