Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Visions of Sonics @ Fall of the House of Entropy Show @ Piano Factory - Boston

Slushing through the icy chills without a camera to filter this stellar show, I simply conjured up a cranium full of sights and words to enhance the sonics....

* Forbes Graham *
leaping iron man ozzy laptop kik beat melts a child fractured drum mach crayon as a galloping lone ranger riding a metallic beast slides into a tap dancin' naw'leans jazzman in cowboy boots tooting.

* Boston Lamb & Veal *
with Jules Vasylenko & Josh Jefferson & Andrew Eisenberg
chanting monks surround a rusted brake drum hamster wheel grinding the floor and pounding the skins, as jiffy popcorn pops, sizzles, and burns downwind from a gaggle of drooling swans gone mad.

* Gang Clan Mafia *
wtih Vela Phelan & Dirk Adams
breaking news of bearded balloons connected in stereo to a pair of wired vortex hammerhead shark sushi until the orange cap unleashes the latches on the briefcase revealing a flying shiny object.

...cue finger snaps - thundering sitting ovations from an audience of the chosen few... featuring a poet, a one to one taper, a devoted newlywed & her friend, a true gang clan fan, the other performers and me listening with all ears. even the ghosts folded into the metal chairs howled at brilliance of the vibrant sand paintings of sound that vanished into thin air. other words, IF YOU WEREN'T THERE, YOU MISSED IT, MAN.
Lotza Luv ---> Bill T Miller (legendary rock critic writer kook)

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