Friday, January 22, 2010


Between ROCK BAND and GUITAR HERO games you can play "Fire" & "The Wind Cries Mary" & "If 6 was 9” & “Little Wing" on yer plastic controllers. Plus, GH has a Jimi animated character choice for our lefty southpaw guitar god. I wonder if they (Guitar Hero or Rock Band) will ever get the Hendrix foundation to license a full game with a Jimi strat controller, like The Beatles Rock Band?

In the meantime, a slew of Hendrix is due out in 2010 in a relaunch of the catalog, including Valleys of Neptune album and companion DVDs....

I saw JIMI open for the THE MONKEES in North Carolina on July 11, 1967... his first album had been released in UK, but didn't come out in the states until August '67. So, the only song I recognized was his Troggs cover of Wild Thing which Jimi heaved a pile of FAIRY DUST onto and blew my eleven year old mind. Then I scored the first album and recorded it to my Dad's Tandberg reel-to-reel recorder and accidentally threaded it backwards and that activated a few more of my brain cells into overdrive. I had advanced from playing tennis racquet guitar and scored an acoustic silvertone guitar and shortly after that scored my electric Silvertone BobCat Guitar and formed THE ELECTRIC ONION band and we played/butchered FOXY LADY and PURPLE HAZE to the point where to this day except for a bit of homage jamming, I don't really attempt to cover any Jimi songs out of respect for the originals.

The Electric Onion circa 1969

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