Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sometimes ya just need to HIT PAUSE...

PAUSE on BLOGGING and FACEBOOKING and MYSPACING and TWITTERING... so I can go full tilt boogie on all the rest of LIFE.



JohnnyBurma said...

Just in time, too! I like this ALOT and especially at 4:59 pm on any workday.

Bill T Miller (BTM) said...

Just to be clear, when I say "SOMETIMES YOU JUST NEED TO HIT PAUSE" - it was really a reference to me NOT POSTING on THIS billtmiller.blogspot and NOT TWEETING or FACEBOOKING or MYSPACING or going to the zillions of GIGS around Boston.

BUT, I have been in hi-gear working on a BTM REMIX for John Eye (one of us), some video edits for drummer Bert Switzer (The Destroyed & early Henry Kaiser drummer) and working of a video of Robyn Hitchcock LIVE at Coolidge Theatre with Jonathan Demme.

AND in pre-production for OBE's 20th anniversary DVD due out Halloween 2010 and as well as new Orgy Of Noise videos.

AND more pre-pro for a brand new season of live BTMTV webcast on...

All of this stuff will be unleashed on this blog when I return and HIT PLAY and/or RECORD with a bit of REWIND and FAST FORWARD and FAST SIDEWAYS for extra fun.

The only prob being FREELANCE and NOT having a real 9-5er job like my pal JOHNNY BURMA is that I never stop "working" 8 Days a Week 24 hours a day and I am forever broke, since I give it all away.

=========> BTM