Thursday, April 01, 2010

MORE... MORE.... MORE....

Piles of BTM THRILLS to unleash.... after a winter of hibernation and NOT MUCH POSTING on THIS billtmiller.blogspot or TWEETING or FACEBOOKING or MYSPACING or going to the zillions of GIGS around Boston, I was able to get a lot more DONE.

Rebuilt and expanded the BTM Outsider Spring Junk Rigs into a massive instrument and working on composing a piece for a new album and dvd. Plus, still have plans for a BTM REMIX of the Orgy Of Noise song Zonkular Fibers for Connexion Bizarre compilation.

Also, back in pre-production for the brand new season of live BTMTV webcasting on... - Hint look for a new broadcast when the moon is full.

Almost a hundred BTM VIDEOS are online:
and eighteen (studio & live) BTM ALBUMS at:
.... so there is more than enough already online to entertain you !!!


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