Friday, February 14, 2014

Download Entire Label's Discography for FREE via - Since 1998, Bill T Miller's Labels (ExtraTerrestrial Discs & BurnThisCD) have been giving away their entire catalog online for FREE. Complete albums with artwork have been available online as MP3s for FREE for over 15 years.

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* DOWNLOAD 18 BTM ALBUMS (1989-2013) = 25 years of Bill T Miller & friends sonics - including.... OBE, KINGS OF FEEDBACK, KING OF SLACK, DRUM ARMY, ORGY OF NOISE & BTM REMIX... includes mp3s & artwork.

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* DOWNLOAD 9 ORGY OF NOISE ALBUMS (1998-2013) seen above as one ZIP file. Pure ORGY OF NOISE... includes mp3s & artwork. Click on FREE DOWNLOAD when you get to and then enter captcha & close/ignore advert windows or go to for individual albums.


In the recent years (last decade) BTM's focus has been more on AUDIO/VIDEO releases and ALL of his VIDEOS are available online via YouTube at: Several DVDs are available, mostly focusing on his band ORGY OF NOISE. Online LIVE Streaming Web Broadcasts via the BTM TV & RADIO Network pop up on occasion.

BTM started playing in band in mid-60s and has been a professional recording engineer producer since mid-70s, but didn't start releasing his won music as artist until 1989. So this ENTIRE BTM DISCOGRAPHY is a lifetime of work being shared as a gift for you. PLEASE SHARE.

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