Thursday, February 20, 2014

the return of NOISE NIGHT !

NOISE NIGHT 2014... electronics hacker/circuit bender JIMMIE P. RODGERS is hosting NOISE NIGHT - THIS FRIDAY, February 21st at (new location) Artisan's Asylum in Somerville/Boston - 7-11pm.

Bill T Miller & Jimmie P. Rodgers
Photo by Eric Bauman for Boston Phoenix

"That's right Noise Night is back! We’ll be meeting up every month at Artisan’s Asylum to share, jam, bend, and above all make some noise. Bring your circuit bent toys, synths, or anything else you’ve got that makes noise and join in on the fun."

Robin Amos & Bill T Miller & Deftly-D
Photo by Sheri Hausey

I (Bill T Miller) will be there once again with some circuit bent toys to join in the fun. Last Noise Night series was back in 2008-2009. see pix/videos of past Noise Nights at:

(L-R) Mitchel Ahern & Ted Read & Bill T Miller
& Wayne Wylupski & Jimmie P. Rodgers
Photo by Varun Mehta

Host Jimmie P. Rodgers
Photo by Bill T Miller

more detailed info about NOISE NIGHT 2014 & Jimmie P. Rogers & Artisan's Asylum at:

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