Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Tour of Headroom Recording Studios (2003)


Home to BTM's bands OBE, KINGS OF FEEDBACK, DRUM ARMY, KING OF SLACK, SLACKBANGERS, ORGY OF NOISE and tons of OTHER bands produced by Bill T Miller. BTM's semi-private project studio has opened it's doors at various locations to record and/or remix many bands, including: Melt-Banana, Axemunkee, Grief, Disrupt, Dropdead, Noosebomb, Glenn Jones, One Of Us, Roger Miller's no man, Xyxyl, The Slaves, Prime Movers, Bentmen, Powerman 5000, Saturnalia, Plainfield, All The Queen's Men, Rich Gilbert, Reeves Gabrels, Malcolm Travis, Reg Bloor, Deftly-D, Ajda the Turkish Queen,Reverend Ivan Stang - Subgenius, Wisteriax, Twink, and many more.

Headroom in the 80s-90s was based around an analog Fostex E-16 tape recorder & a Ramsa 20 input console. By the late 90s switched over to a Pro Tools rig on a Macintosh computer. Although BTM continued to freelance out of many other larger studios with 24 track 2-inch or 16 track - 1-inch machines and huge consoles and tracking rooms stocked with various microphones. Headroom was always designed to be BTM's playground and the gear is a hodge podge of McGuvered together bits to create an unique real. Co-producer TIPPI CAT is even spotted in the Headroom Tour video. This video was shot in 2003, so the set-up has morphed a bit. Still centered around Digidesign Pro Tools for audio and Final Cut Pro for video and stuffed with piles of toys and hand built outsider BTM instruments. This version of the studio is still located in the same space in ALLSTON ROCK CITY - Boston - usa.

See more of BTM's Circuit Bent Toy and Gizmo Collection at:

The soundtrack for this video is BTM solo in his band ORGY OF NOISE with part of the song SNAP CRACKLE & POP from the PLAGUE CD. It features a circuit bent Tablebeast SK-1 keyboard and a circuit bent Uliasz Guttar toy guitar and a Waterhed bent Talking Teacher.

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