Friday, May 20, 2011

PLASMASOUND - Photo Cell Oscillator Theremin by DeMenTia laBs Added to BTM's Zonkulator Rig

While looking for some more vintage signal generators and the like for my Bill T Miller ZONKULATOR Laboratory Rig, I found this photo cell oscillator theremin unit built by the amazing Ross of DeMenTia laBs out of Indiana. It is a real cool fantasy faux simulated signal generator (with a decal instead of an actual rehoused metal faceplate) that he made from scratch. When I saw it on Ebay, I knew it would fit right in with my ZONKULATOR RIG.

ZiggyCat helping test out PLASMASOUND at Headroom Studios

At some point I will whip up my own mega BTM ZONKULATOR meets ORGY OF NOISE video with the Plasmasound and record some audio with this new gizmo. Currently working editing already existing footage into a full length ZONKULATOR BTM DVD and plan to shoot and add some sights & sounds from this unit to the fun. Stay tuned...

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