Thursday, September 10, 2009

It is up to YOU to help DRUM ARMY VIDEO go VIRAL across the WORLD.

Drum Army Video Trilogy is now live on FOUR sites on the net. YouTube and Vimeo and in the early AM hours of 09.09.09, I even uploaded it to Facebook since a lot of my "friends" there are drummers and some of them even play on the tracks so I could tag them. AND even uploaded the vid to MySpaced.

I need YOU to help this VID go VIRAL across the net by YOUR LINKING, TWEETING, EMBEDING, YELLING, BURNING, COMMENTING and general SHARING. It is up to YOU. The complete WANTS YOU album is available for download with artwork at:

DRUM ARMY - WANTS YOU ! - percussion world rock beat trip-out music from BTMTV on Vimeo.

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