Monday, September 07, 2009

Visit to The Vintage Mac Museum

Yesterday I trekked out to Malden, MA to visit local Mac Guru ADAM ROSEN of Oakbog Consulting and his Vintage Mac Museum. Also got to hang with his two iCats, Oreo and Fudge The VMM is located in on the second floor of Adam's vintage 1920s house and is available to the public by appointment only. He has assembled a subjective collection that spans the history of Macintosh. Think vintage.

SEE Vintage Mac Museum PHOTOS
that I snapped FPAC Gallery installation for MacWorld 2004.

visit official site

and on a semi-related note... I was just thinking how much ROZ ROX.

+ UPDATE: As I was leaving the Vintage Mac Museum, Adam gave me an empty shell for a Macintosh Plus to use in one of my assorted arty projects... so after poking around in my toys, this seemed like the best option for a grin. He also gave me a floppy disc with a copy of TALKING MOOSE program for my working Macintosh Classic computer (running System 6 software) that I haven't run yet.

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