Sunday, September 20, 2009

U2 360º Tour Boston 9.20.09 & U2 Horizon Tour 2008 & U2 War Tour 1983

THIS SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY... U2 Super Duper 360º Rock Show at the Mega Football Stadium in Boston. No monster trucks or Patriots football team cheering, but my guess is the crowd won't be much different. Since I don't do sports and generally miss mega huge rock shows, the only time I ever went to Foxboro was to see THE WHO back in July '89. Had excellent floor seats. Of course The Who concerts I saw in CA in 1976 were even more fun.

Killer seats for this U2 show (see red circle)... I MIGHT even bring a camera. Saw the last U2 No Line on the Horizon tour at The Garden in Boston and kept thinking.... how many follow spotlights does Bono need to prove his rock stardom-ness? I lost count at sixteen and thought it must cost a fortune in gear, truck, hotels, paychecks etc to keep just the spotlight crew on the road. It appears they outdid that with their 360º spaceship staging. Truth his I would just assume see them with a simple rig of a couple of amps, pedals and very basic drum and lighting rig with ENO and DANIEL LANOIS in the band or at least opening the show. Or just an evening with U2... they did that small stage show at a small theater in Boston area last year for the who's who and the lucky few and I missed that one. Oh well.

Closest I will ever get to a simpler U2 show is when I saw them in North Carolina on the opening date of their WAR TOUR (with Todd Rundgren.) Check out photos,interviews and info by Deacon Light of that April 23, 1983 show. Look for Bono with white flag up in the lighting rig tower.

After going to so many underground indie type shows, it is always fun to go to one of these bloated rock star shows and see bands I saw in the 60s-70s-80s still banging away. See you there.

PS: NO MIT FLEA for ME today. Prob catch OCTOBER FLEA. Might go a hundred yards down the street to check out Allston Street Fair this Sunday afternoon.... but who knows. It's really hard to complain about too much non-stop entertainment happenings around town.... except that I can't consume it all.

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