Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tuesday Thrills... Hard Drive Back-Up and Cathodic Jam Out & R-N-R Social @ The Model

Tuesday AM... decided to go for a full mirror back-up of my current main 750 GB firewire hard drive. I have been doing tons of edits on the Orgy Of Noise Tricks and Treats DVD in Final Cut Pro and just couldn't rest with only one copy on one drive, so now there's a safety. Slept the morning away with a nerdy peace of mind, knowing that the MIRROR DRIVE was updated.

On a whim I went to the Rock-N-Roll Social @ The Model for the first time ever, mainly cause I noticed that Monte McGuire, Joel Simches and Geoff Chase had all facebooked that they would be there. Arrived a bit after 10pm (somehow thinking the thing went 'til midnight) and they had ALL left the building. BUT I did get to hang a bit with JustBill, Tracey Stark & had a decent chat with James Willetts & later with Joe Kowalski, so it all rocked at The Model in the end.

* Cut back to my MegaMillions LOTTO TICKET... the numbers were JUST posted and I matched ONE, for a big fat zero pay out... instead of my 11 MILLION PAYDAY DREAM. It's a fool's dream, but sooner or later some fool will win and it should be me.

* OK, enough blogging, gotta get back to the endless editing and tweakage for the new OON DVD..... I wonder, did you ever even SEE/HEAR the ORIGINAL OON DVD?

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