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THE WHO @Boston Garden - October 24, 2008

OK... I am back from THE WHO. LONG LIVE ROCK !

I didn't shoot any photos, but there should be a zillion cell phone pix out there somewhere. I did spot super photog to the stars KELLY DAVIDSON heading into the venue. I am guessing she shot the first three songs with a photo pass. IF / WHEN any of her shots surface I will link to them.

UPDATE... Kelly has released 113 photos of the show.!

@ The Garden on 10.24.08
Photo © Kelly Davidson


Here's my pre-show post....

"Rock innovators Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey will bring their electric, mind blowing performances back to North America with a vengeance. They will be joined on stage by John 'Rabbit' Bundrick on keyboard, Pino Palladino on bass, Zak Starkey on drums and Simon Townshend on guitar and vocals." (from press promo text.)

I probably will NOT take a real camera and I do NOT have a cell phone camera. The ABOVE graphics are my actual SEAT VIEW from the Boston Garden's website.

As a kid, I had heard The Who in 60s, My Generation, I'm Free etc, but never owned one of their records, until I bought the WOODSTOCK (triple album - woweee) right when it came out. I listened to all six sides, but it was THE WHO set that inspired me to go to the record store and score TOMMY the next day. I remember tapping my life savings, even counting out coins and borrowing less than a dollar off of my pal JOHN (from my band The Electric Onion.) But of course the Tommy studio tracks never had the zing of the live Woodstock set. Shortly after that, I got in on one of those Columbia record promo hype advert club deals where you get a bunch of records for a penny. So I scored BLIND FAITH, (The Best Of) CREAM, and THE WHO LIVE AT LEEDS and then I really became a devoted WHO fan. I was rocking as hard as I could for a kid in the middle of nowhere North Carolina at 14 years old without anybody to guide me. Up until this point, for the most part it was still all PURE ROCK AND ROLL for ME... the fabled excess bonus of SEX and DRUGS were just about to kick in.

In 1974, (at 18 years old) I was at an Eric Clapton concert at The Omni in Atlanta and Pete and Keith joined in for a couple tunes on the encore. I don't really remember this, but googling sez... Townshend and Moon jammed on "Layla" and PETE later performed a modified Who finish by smashing a plastic ukele over Clapton's head.

Pete Townshend, Day on the Green
October 9, 1976, Oakland Coliseum Stadium
Photos by Michael Zagaris
(directly above & below)

I personally have ONLY seen The Who play FIVE full concerts (including Boston 2008.) I guess I was making up for lost time, since three of the shows were in 1976. First time was at Winterland in San Fransisco at the end of March. Later that same year was a double dose, with two days back to back with The Grateful Dead at Bill Graham's "Day on the Green" #7 & #8 on October 9 & 10, 1976 in Oakland, CA. These were the last shows that The Who played in the US with Keith Moon. Can't recall, who opened on what day, but I could swear one day The Dead played first and another the Who played first, which would make sense, since they could leave most of the gear set up overnight.

More Who treasures from Wolfgang's Vault.

I caught a re-united Who at Foxboro Stadium (Boston area) with huge band (horn section, singers, etc) in 1989 with Simon Phillips on drums. I am realizing now, that I never actually saw The Who with Kenny Jones. Although, I do remember seeing Rod Stewart and The Faces with Kenny in the late 70s.

ME as a MOCKER in 1990

I figure Pete and Roger (and ME and YOU for that matter) aren't getting any younger, so may as well dig on THE WHO 2008 LIVE IN CONCERT one more time.

Listening to you,
I get the music.
Gazing at you,
I get the heat.
Following you,
I climb the mountains.
I get excitement at your feet.

UPDATE 2012: ....going to see THE WHO perform QUADROPHENIA on Friday November 16th at the Boston Garden. We have front row seats to the show and will attend VIP soundcheck party.

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