Tuesday, September 23, 2008

More PEWTER ZEBRA Photographs AND just re-updated with another VIDEO.

Still rocking the night away. it's way past dawn now, but who would know when your in a studio with no windows. Never made it back into the ORGY OF NOISE recording session or DOTC Remix. after sorting and posting photos of monday's gig, i ended up digging deeper into the PEWTER ZEBRA shots from Saturday (see previous post.) Scanned four polaroids i shot with Dan's camera. Sorted and photoshoped a dozen hi-res jpgs and zipped them up and uploaded them so they can have them for their new myspace. http://myspace.com/pewterzebra


I snapped this of Dan & me right before they played.

Gotta go to see/hear NOISE NOMADS and the rest at Piano Factory tuesday night and then back to Orgy Of Noise and DOTC Remix here at Headroom in the wee hours of wednesday morning for sure.

UPDATE: 5 AM on Wednesday Sept 24... getting back to my ORGY OF NOISE tracks did NOT happen. Sorted and posted pix of Piano Factory gig and JUST added part two of PEWTER ZEBRA video... where Dan and Mark toss aside their guitars and start pounding pedals and cymbals. (see previous Saturday Night @ Oxfam post if you missed part one of video.)

UPDATE: check out PEWTER ZEBRA page with pix/vids: http://billtmiller.com/pewterzebra/

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