Friday, September 26, 2008


MORE COWBELL? This is site is really what the internet is for. No wonder I don't get anything done. Found this posted by Coughlin to The Noise Board. You can upload an MP3 and choose the percentage of COWBELL and WALKEN to be added. I went with 26% cowbell and 82% Walken for my OBE song featuring Reeves Gabrels (David Bowie & Tin Machine) on lead guitar and Malcolm Travis (Sugar & Zulus) on Drums and (me) Bill T Miller (Kings Of Feedback & Orgy Of Noise) on bass, rhythm & more lead guitar, samples, screaming, and production from my OPEN YOUR EARS (1994) CD.

I am thinking i should have gone for 100% walken and maye 50% cowbell. Cause ya can never have enough WALKEN in your mix.

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For the moment, i have talked myself out of uploading more tunes to the cowbell/walken site. BUT you can DOWNLOAD ALL FIFTEEN of MY ALBUMS via Here's the full cd with the OBE - OBSOLETE song featured above.

check out NFO

Speaking of COWBELL... check out this ORGY OF NOISE loud live distorted raw unedited webcam broadcast from
I am tweaking out on a Waterhed circuit bent voice transformer while MICHAEL KNOBLACH bangs away on HUGE CUSTOM MADE COWBELLS.

SEE PIX of that ORGY OF NOISE - BTM & KNOBLACH Leap Year Session.

UPDATE (Friday Afternoon): of course I had to have even MORE COWBELL & WALKEN with some ORGY OF NOISE... this time with 70% cowbell and 86% Walken.

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Anonymous said...

Message from THE Bert Quick:

I hear Bruce Dickinson is totally supporting this site but the word in the cowbell forums is that Gene Frenkle is considering legal action because it is cutting into his once lucrative session work as the premier go to cowbellist.

He was seen playing solo cowbell for tips on the sunset strip in an extremely soiled gold painted diaper mumbling something about a fever and where the hell was his long overdue prescription.

Yet another tragic rise and fall of what is becoming an everyday trend in the addictive quest for fame and fortune through the mighty seductive cowbell ....A well documented crisis in the fast emerging 12 steps programs popping up around the country under the name of Hells Bells Anonymous. I hear the first member to complete all 12 steps was the cowbellist for The Kingsman. The 12th final step was to play Louie Louie 12 times in a row without feeling the urge for more cowbell.

Economist around the country speculate the real start of the economic disaster happened right after the 2000 snl "more cowbell" sketch. Igniting the greedy spending frenzy by the simple subliminal plunk of the cowbell in a rather harmless song entitled Don't Fear The Reaper. The simple hidden message ....nothing to fear just go get more more more..everything is fine. A deceptively brilliant tactic to bring the country to it's knees.

Investigations under the name of Cowbellgate are underway to see if a foreign entity is to blame for trying to destroy our economy. There is some unconfirmed intel that the whole thing started from a small cell known as BOC "Brothers Of Cowbell" that met weekly for months at a Karaoke Bar to discuss their plans. Further investigation from the DJ's subpoenaed playlist at the bar during that period revealed ..We're An American Band , Honky Tonk Women, Low Rider, & Hair Of The Dog as the most requested songs. The real smoking gun for investigators was that Don't Fear The Reaper was never requested which of course is not humanly possible for true cowbell aficionados and thus confirming the clandestine activity.

I am currently in the middle of research for my new book entitled "The Gated Cowbell" which will hopefully reveal the cover ups and gross misuse of power in what is appearing to be this decade's "the cowbell heard around the world"....the single most important event for this century.

The bottom line ...Don't fear the reaper ...fear the cowbell and buy as much gold and pampers as you can.

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