Friday, September 26, 2008


Started THIS blogspot page back in 2005, but really just kept doing updates to my main news page @ and scattered across my mountains of BTM related websites stretching back to 1995. Been on some sort of BLOGGING BINGE right HERE on "Who the Frack is Bill T Miller?" blogspot as of late. A sorta EIGHT DAYS A WEEK BTM BLOG ORGY. Not sure how long i can keep on bloggin' at this pace or if anybody is even checking it out. PLEASE POST IN THE COMMENTS on THIS BLOGSPOT. Also, remember to click on OLDER POSTS at the bottom of each page. In some ways it makes more sense to go all the way back and start with the OLDEST ORIGINAL POST and THEN watch the time line unfold by clicking on the NEWER POSTS link. Makes sense right?

For even more thrills, check out:

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