Saturday, September 20, 2008

FIVE DAY WEEKEND - September 20-24, 2008

YIPEEEEEE... potential nonstop music noise fun from for five days from SAT-WED... not sure if i can make it to ALL the shows, but damn i wanna. BUT, i really need to keep working on a new ORGY OF NOISE "song" for a comp from Portugal (see blog post below) and a REMIX i am doing for a band that has a trax on Rock Band game that are both due by October 1st. ....screw it, that's ten days away and there's plenty of time, right?

it seems like i spent my whole life recording photoging videoing everybody... gotta focus more on my music.

Here's the next FIVE DAY of listings at my site:
(if only i could go and NOT take my camera, it would make things easier, there is never enough LIGHT at DIY shows, but i hate to miss a photo op.)

* Sep 20 2008 7:00P (gotta go to this to see debut of MARK and DAN DUO (of Neptune) and ALL the rest of line-up is top notch.)
PEWTER ZEBRA, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Agathe Max, Animal Hospital @ OXFAM

Sep 21 2008 7:00P (road trip?)
JOHN WEISE and SICKNESS at RRR Lowell, Massachusetts

Sep 22 2008 10:00P (it seems like every other show around here has members of major stars or greg kelley, but they are all so good.)
Heathen Shame - Chris Cooper- Ryan Jewell - Dame Satan @ CHARLIE’S KITCHEN

* Sep 23 2008 8:00P (damn gotta go to this... NOISE NOMADS and RICARDO/NATHAN opening --- hell ya.)
John Wiese, Noise Nomads, Benny Nelson, Embouchur @ Piano Factory

* Sep 24 2008 8:30P ( and THIS is right across the street from my studio... so yeah.)

(and i am registered for a FINAL CUT PRO VIDEO Workshop at 6:30pm on Sept 24 that i won't miss.)

NOT to MENTION i think FARM AID with NEIL YOUNG and WILLIE NELSON is happening this weekend AND the amazing Earth People Orchestra at the Milky Way on SUNDAY.


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