Thursday, September 25, 2008

Overheard at Basement Show.................... "I'm NOT really into the NOISE SCENE..."

I'm back from basement noise show at Butcher Shop down the street from my studio in Allston. As i walked in locals JOEY (of EUU and one of the hosts from house) had a 4-track reel to reel and a synth cranked through a 8-10 bass cab. (you could FEEL the AIR of the sound pumping) and NATHAN (who i know from his collaborations with Jessica Rylan's Flower Electronics) was blasting his Roland SH-101 synth through pedals into his Sunn amp rig. THESE TWO TOGETHER = KILLER.


JOEY and his rig, right after their set.

In between sets during the set-up is where i heard a young lady proclaiming to her friend... "I'm NOT really into the NOISE SCENE." I wanted to laugh out loud as i THOUGHT... "WHO REALLY IS?" Maybe she's onto something. Just the night before after the four sets at Piano Factory, I kept saying, "LET'S FACE, IT'S ALL WANKERY" as others were debating whether each act was good or not. Then right after next noise basement solo set ended i found myself proclaiming, "GLAD I BROUGHT MY EARPLUGS" or something. I guess i dig IMAGINATION in any of the ARTS, but as "noise" becomes the norm (well sorta) the clone factor makes it as doomed into the rut formula in ALMOST (?) killed rock, jazz, hip hop, etc.

Not sure of the order, but the ON TOUR trio of solo acts (EARTH CROWN & SECRET ABUSE & ZOMGRUL OCTI) each layed down some sweet noise sets. I missed opener ANIMAL STEEL (Ted of 2DSOGF) since i was still at the fcp video workshop. Chatted with JOEY, NATHAN, DJ NINGNONG, RYAN (of Dreamhouse) and a few others and blasted back to the studio where I am now sorting a couple pix.

REWIND: Earlier in the evening....

I went to Boston Final Cut Pro User Group (BOSFCPUG) with Oliver Peters presenting a Final Cut Pro case study of the upcoming HBO Documentary "Blindsided" and Robert Caldeira with FireStore FS-5 tapeless FCP workflow. I always learn a few tricks and meet some kool apple luving video editors. Plus they have mountains of my favorite drink (Poland Springs Water) and tonight free pizza. Sorry NO PIX of the PIZZA as i was blasting out early to make it just in time to see JOEY at basement noise gig.

The industrial ceiling art of the workshop venue needed to be snapped. And how can you have a personal blog about ME without another BTM shot?

So that was part of the FIFTH DAY in my five day weekend, that is being extended into a SIX day weekend. Since THURSDAY NIGHT i gotta check out "BOSTON PSYCHEDELIC CINEMA REVISITED" .... more on that in next blogged out post.

One thing is for sure, i will NOT keep up this pace of photoging and recording sessions and BLOGGING. I will probably hibernate for the winter and NOT cut new trax. I hope to mostly EDIT my existing VIDEO for my super duper BTM DVD.


ning nong said...

dude, i totally understand thinking at times that Noise is wankery, but that Wiese set last tuesday was anything BUT. noise nomads was ultra wankery. Wiese's set was one of the best live noise sets i have seen. it was very well composed, yet still harsh.

Bill T Miller (BTM) said...

ning nong... thanx for the comment. great to chat with you a both shows.

i personally luved BOTH John Weise's & Jeff's Noise Nomads sets for what they were. Weise definitely had a more scientific mathematical precision afforded partially by the safety of the laptop. Noise Nomads groped into a more primitive realm with mainly a contact mic and pedals. His set had no real structure and a random seat of the pants outsider scraps of noise bit that made it fun... for me.

What's good noise wankery to some people is bad noise wankery to others. in the end TO ME, it is all still wankery. The noise formula of distortion and pedals and/or laptops etc has become almost as cliche as guitar bass drum in rock music. i still luv it all, since i have no real taste.