Friday, October 24, 2008

Black Fortress of Opium with Ajda the Turkish Queen at TT the Bear's

Just got back from the show, I have been trying to cut way back on shooting live band photos, but had to break out the camera for this one. Really looking forward to Ajda on vocals as a member of ORGY OF NOISE at TT the Bears next Thursday. Ajda did some amazing live improv vocals when we played at Herrells Ice Cream in Allston about four years ago.

Black Fortress of Opium

Ajda the Turkish Queen - vocals & guitar
Tony Savarino - guitar
Joe Turner - drums
Rich Cortese - bass

I had heard/read about hot shot guitar slinger Tony Savarino and his Les Paul guitar for a while and let's just say he brings it to the table. Top notch rhythm section with the mighty Joe Turner laying down the beats and legendary rock bass player Rich Cortez. Since the 80s, I have seen Rich play bass with some of my favorite Boston bands... Human Sexual Response, The Zulus, Concussion Ensemble, and Velvet Swingers. Rich Gilbert (guitar) and Malcolm Travis (drums) who have also played with those bands have done guest studio bits with my own OBE - Out of Band Experience.


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