Thursday, October 02, 2008

OFF to BALTIMORE's ROUND ROBIN with Nautical Almanac and much more.

at Mass Art in Boston... more scoop here:


OK, I am back... here's a few SNAPSHOTS of EYES NIGHT in BOSTON...

opening circle chant

nautical almanac with twig & carly

crowd hypnotized by the beats

don't just play the game... BE IT.

singing & dancing kitty paws

Police Commissioner Dan Deacon (seated) @ day job desk skit

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* Special THANX to the DANs... DAN DEACON & DAN SHEA

I am EXHAUSTED from just WATCHING this OPENING NIGHT of their TOUR. That was just half of the Round Robin Boston fun. FRIDAY NIGHT (again at Mass Art) these luvable Baltimore freaks present the FEET NIGHT. Then they continue on tour to conquer the world.

WERE YOU THERE? I only made it out to the first (EYES) night. Here's a link to a sweet DRAWING of second (FEET) night by Brian Butler of Upperhand Art.

Post tales of YOUR adventures (and photo links if you have them) in COMMENTS. You can even post anonymously if you want.

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1 comment:

Justin Snow said...

No adventures/photos from me. I didn't get to go to either of the nights. Very sad, I know. Those are some nice pics you shot. Looks like it was awesome.

Thanks for the "following." You seem to have a pretty cool blog yourself. I'll be sure to check back.

That Orgy Of Noise show at TT's looks pretty sweet. Maybe I'll see you there.