Thursday, October 02, 2008

Seems like all I do is STARE at SCREENS....

Finished and delivered the ORGY OF NOISE track that i previously blogged about for the CONNEXION BIZARRE compilation (more on that later.)

TONIGHT! Planning to head out to see/hear NAUTICAL ALMANAC (with Twig & Carly) and a ton of Baltimore bands playing a Round Robin show, where all the bands set-up and each plays a bit as they go around the circle. Sorta kinda similar in concept to the already planned Orgy Of Noise mega show for late spring 2009 at Piano Factory. Except in the Orgy Of Noise version, each of us will get a spotlight, but various group orgy jams combos will happen, including at some point everybody at once. It will prob be a half circle or maybe a triangle. Toss in a little of the John Cage CHANCE factor, some John Zorn COBRA game, some ENO Oblique Strategy, Dead Head Space Jam, some PT Barnum Circus feats and a heap of BTM insanity and it should be fun. The OON plan is to invite every past contributor/member of Orgy Of Noise and record/video the whole trip. That's THE PLAN that I sorted out earlier this year. I can't imagine taking that many people on the road though.

I wish i could resist taking photos of TONIGHT's show, because i know ton of people will be shooting. Covering ALL the acts is too much work. There's no way there will be lights for everybody and flash sux. Most of all, I just can't keep giving all my time away. BUT ya know, IF i make it out and back to the show, i will have a few photos to post here. Gives me something to do at the show. It's all the sorting and posting aftermath that really drains the time away. I really do love sharing the photos with people directly, cause (almost) everybody luvs to see snap of themselves and the people that missed the fun can live vicariously through the images.

Photography is NOT my main gig... SOUND IS, but I have always seen my "songs" as VISUALS melting into cartoon dreams of science fiction, so somehow the MULIMEDIA MORPHING of VIDEO, PHOTOS and AUDIO together works great. I just wish I had an ARMY OF INTERNS to do my bidding. My vaults are full of great unreleased stuff. I am still working on editing etc the BTM DVD with my adventures of the last five decades AND I have tons of studio outtake audio tracks from my various sessions (OBE, KINGS OF FEEDBACK, DRUM ARMY, ORGY OF NOISE) AND i have hours upon hours of VIDEO of OTHER BANDS that i have shot that are ALL just taking a backseat as i create MORE MORE MORE. I probably have photos from about 35 shows in 2008, that (except for a few choice shots here and there) have NOT been posted to my sites. There are tons of shows that I COULD go to this OCTOBER, but gotta (mostly) stay focused on my upcoming super duper ORGY OF NOISE show at TT the Bears in Cambridge on October 30. Will keep ya'll updated to the latest details of the gig and upcoming sessions as they are sorted out. ARE YOU GONNA BE THERE?

At times with the third world war and the new great depression and dark ages looming, all this playing with toys seems trivial, but gonna keep on keeping on.

IF you make it though ALL THIS blog of stuff that i have posted over the last two weeks, there is more than you ever needed over at the main site.

PLEASE POST in the BLOG COMMENTS... tell me about what YOU are into. You can post anonymously if you want. POST SOMETHING... even if it is just, HI BILL.

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