Thursday, October 16, 2008


J.R. "BOB" DOBBS is the slackfux that uttered that slogan: "TOO MUCH IS NEVER ENOUGH." Who knows what he was thinking... Cash, Sex, Frop, Slack? ALL OF THE ABOVE. All I know is too much IS enough right now. I am even leaving out the bonus BTM thrills.

In the next two weeks, in between prepping for TTs OON GIG, THIS is what I HOPE/PLAN to ENJOY.

PS: NOT GONNA TAKE A CAMERA to ANY of the OTHER BAND's gigs I go to, but will have a full crew (Sheri, Strymish, Kevin) shooting snaps and vids of all the ORGY OF NOISE adventures.

* Oct 16 - Final Cut Pro Video Workshop/Meeting (BOSFCPUG)

* Oct 17 - Orgy Of Noise session/jam for OCT 30 Gig with Deftly-D @ Headroom

* Oct 18 - Wisteriax & Rob Byrd & Embouchure @ Third Life Studio

* Oct 19 - Roger Miller & Ben Miller & Matt Weston @ OUTPOST 186

* Oct 21 - Bonus Orgy Of Noise session/jam with Deftly-D and maybe Ajda

* Oct 22 - Ton of full on noise bands @ The Butcher Shop

* Oct 24 - The Who @ The Garden (with Pete, Roger, Zak, Pino, Rabbit)

* Oct 26 - SUPERDUPER Orgy Of Noise session at Headroom Deftly-D & Wisteriax

* Oct 30 - ORGY OF NOISE @ TT the Bear's in Cambridge !!!!


IF a fraction of the people I have recorded or photographed over the years came out, it would easily be a sold out show.

Back to my TO-DO LIST.... ya know, I can't even begin to list all the shows etc, I am NOT gonna be able to make it out to in October.

SATURDAY OCT 18 - Experience Hendrix (with Mitch Mitchell, Billy Cox, Buddy Guy, Eric Johnson - although I did see this tour earlier in 2008) and same night CCTV Party at Mid East with Magic People, Kindergarten Killers, Big Digits and across town, Black Fortress of Opium (with Ajda the Turkish Queen) at Channel Cafe and zig zag the other way and Earth People Orchestra are at Oxfam Cafe. At this point I plan go to Wisteriax and Embouchure at Third Life.

Oct 23 - DARCEY LEONARD & Harry Merry & Milo Jones are all appearing at The Plough.

Plus on OCT 24, the night of THE WHO, I will be missing, the legendary Ergot Rot (as Rotten Rex, doing an all T Rex cover set) @ Milky Way.

Already missed or will be missing, several great gigs... including HO-AG, Steve Pyne (Red Horse) at Piano Factory, Music Workshop (Forbes Graham) in Hyde Park and several series of shows with great line-ups presented Forbes Graham, Dave Bryant, Josh Jefferson, G. David Gross at Outpost 186.

After OCTOBER OVERLOAD... (except for a few choice gigs) - I am gonna go into hibernation and just work on my stuff only. No more scene supporter cheerleader guru photog champion for me. At least that is THE PLAN.

"TOO MUCH IS NEVER ENOUGH" - I almost believed that for a bit.
No more.

====> OK, back to EDTING more ORGY OF NOISE VIDZ !

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