Sunday, October 12, 2008

Keep on Rockin in the Free World............ WITHOUT a CAMERA.

I made it out to the DOUBLE FEATURE on SATURDAY (October 11) and caught two full shows... WITHOUT A CAMERA. I kept seeing/framing great snapshots in my head that are gone forever. First an early afternoon show: Kirsten Malone Fund Benefit with NEPTUNE, CATHY CATHODIC, ANIMAL HOSPITAL, MS. DOMINICA K @ Mass Art at 4pm. Great sights and sounds by all. Only had one major weak moment of camera withdrawals when super Neptune photog Lindsay was nearby with camera in hand and NOT shooting during Neptune's set. I jokingly started pantomiming a camera shutter click and pointing shoot shoot. She graciously offered her camera to me, but I resisted the urge to shoot... just barely.

* I will be inserting one of her shots when she emails it to me.
(update. OK... she never emailed me a shot or posted them online ...proving once again if you want the shot, you gotta snap it yourself.

So here's a film snap of drummer DANIEL PAUL BOUCHER from my piles of shots from past NEPTUNE shows. BOUCH !

Then later that same evening... snarfed a great dinner and bounced to Life Partners - Quits - Bone Zone - Donna Parker - Eunuch @ NOM D'ARTISTE around 9:30pm. Really enjoyed the second coming of noise queen DONNA PARKER. It was her first gig in way over a year. (She even hooked me up with a couple her cassettes!) Then later, band QUITS was literally blowing the roof off the loft, when the COPS showed up and shut the show down due to NOISE violation ordnance complaints from neighbors. So NO Life Partners (seven inch release) set. I guess I will just console myself with the the killer riffage on the slab of vinyl I scored. Here's snapshot from LAST MONTH'S NOM show when the coppers showed up to shut it down.

So now back to working on the new menus and adding even more videos for the ORGY OF NOISE DVD update to be unleashed at the gig. You can vidy most of the clips on: BTM TV. Later this week, gonna print covers for all the CD-Rs I burned and then get back to editing the Orgy Of Noise visuals for projection DVD for TTs show. Then depending on schedules, I hope to get the "BAND" together for at least one rehearsal jam recording session here at Headroom before the gig. WILL YOU BE THERE at the SHOW on OCTOBER 30?

Thanx for reading and watching and listening and COMMENTING.

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