Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's A Saturday Night Special Double Feature...

Caught an early show with WISTERIAX & ROB BYRD @ Third Life Studio. Wait hold on, yes, I am still trying NOT to shoot LIVE BAND photos, but I wanted to bring some Orgy Of Noise gig flyers and cds/dvds along so I grabbed my little cam bag for them. I figured I might as well stuff one of the cameras in there just in case there was some after or in-between show moments worth capturing.... at least that's what I told myself.

Turned out the clear bright white lights from set-up/soundcheck were left wide open, so I just HAD to shoot a snaps & vid of WISTERIAX. Really looking forward to the Orgy Of Noise session and live gig with her and Deftly-D later this month.

Then the lights were cranked way down, so I didn't really shoot much more. I just listened to the excellent sets from Embouchure (Ricardo & Nathan from Semata - Piano Factory) & Kevin Frenette Quartet. Special THANX goes out to LOU BUNK for setting/hosting up the show.



Bounced out of there over to MID EAST CLUB to catch local cable TV station CCTV's 20th Anniversary Concert. MARISSA and the CCTV crew have been very supportive of local music and some of the experimental/noise artists around the area with a show called BANDWIDTH. CONGRATS and THANX !

Got there just in time to catch the dynamic duo MAGIC PEOPLE in action. Since CCTV was shooting/streaming video they had the lights pretty cranked, so I just HAD to shoot some photos. OK, don't worry,
I only grabbed a few.

CCTV had several cameras set-up and were doing live switching for the stream broadcast. I hope/assume they will re-broadcast the night (on cable & internet) - so I can see/hear the KINDERGARTEN KILLERS set that I missed.

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